Best Tablet For Photo Editing And Photoshop To Buy In 2018

If you are looking for the best tablet for Photoshop and photo editing, then we have a list that can help you choose easily. Photo editing is becoming more common than it ever was before. Some of the main reasons for photo editing getting momentum is the fact that the technology needed for it is now available more easily than it was about a decade ago. Now, the number of tablets, computer, and smartphone users have increased exponentially and so has the number of photo editing software.

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What to consider when making the decision?

If you have planned to buy a tablet for photo editing or Photoshop then there are a few things that you may want to keep in mind which will help you make the decision of which tablet to choose more easily.

  • Display – There is no joy in working on a tablet that is not capable of producing the images sharply and accurately. If the colors are not accurate then your editing may bear very different results on another device. This is why it is important to choose a good display. Look for at least 1920 x 1080 display when buying your tablet.
  • Performance – A good photo editing software usually has a reputation for being heavyweight. This means that you need a powerful processor to run it smoothly. A strong CPU will help you cut down lag and work more quickly on your software. In addition to a good processor, you may want to keep the battery life in mind when buying a laptop too. Needless to say, the better the battery life, the more efficient your tablet would be for you.
  • Storage Capacity – Photo editors require a suitable amount of storage space to store all the images they work on. You will usually have a number of photos on your device which have been edited or which may need editing.


Here Are The Top Tablets For Photo Editing And Photoshop of 2018



Best Tablet For Photoshop Built For Comfortable View

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Designed to be used as a tablet or a laptop, the Surface Pro 4 has a brilliant display, superb performance, and a good storage capacity. This makes it great for photo editors. The Intel Core i5 processor with 4 GB RAM ensures smooth performance while the 128 GB storage space gives you enough storage for your images.  Microsoft offers up to 1TB of memory and an Intel Core i7 processor for those who need something powerful. The 12.3-pixel sense screen is built to help you work for long periods of time without experiencing eye fatigue.

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Best Tablet For Photo Editing With Excellent Screen

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is available in a 9.7 inch and a 12.9-inch screen. While both of them are great, some may prefer the 9.7-inch screen for its portability while other like the 12.9-inch screen because of its ability to offer better screen real estate when editing the images. This tablet is powered by an ATX chip and starting with 32GB memory which can go up to 256 GB. It is a great device to snap and edit too.

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Best 2-in-1 Tablet For Photoshop And Photo Editing

Dell XPS 12

The Intel Core M processor paired with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD makes the XPS 12 a great tablet which is designed to work as a laptop as well. So, if you find the Photoshop keyboard shortcuts to be helpful, you wouldn’t have to worry about working without a keyboard. It is a tablet cum laptop which provides lots of horsepowers to run apps smoothly. We love the design and the look of the XPS 12 which is complemented by its 4K display. Images on this screen look awesome and editing becomes a lot more enjoyable with it.

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Best Tablet For Photo Editing With Detachable Keyboard

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S

The Tab Pro S from Samsung is a 12-inch device which runs on an Intel Core m3 processor with 4GB RAM. With 128 GB SSD, you have a tablet that can store ample images and photo editing programs. The light weight of the tablet makes it easy to carry it around. The 12” Super AMOLED display produces brilliant colors giving your images a rich look.

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Best Tablet For Photo Editing With Great Image Quality

Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 700

This 12-inch tablet has a screen resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels. It has a great processor and a storage capacity of 256 GB SSD. The tablet runs on Windows 10 and it uses an Intel HD Graphics 515 graphics card to provide optimum quality graphics. You will love working on this tablet because of its smooth performance and good image quality. It offers a battery life of almost 9 hours which is brilliant for people who use a tablet for long periods of time.

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Best Tablet For Photoshop Built To work In All Lighting Conditions

Kindle Fire HDX

If you are looking for a compact screen, great performance and value added services, then the Kindle Fire is a great tablet. With an 8.9 inch screen, this tablet uses thin bezels, and a lovely design, the Kindle Fire HDX makes photo editing a brilliant experience. It uses a 2.5 GHz quad-core processor which enhances its performance. It has an HDX display meaning your images will be clear and color reproduction is near-perfect. You can edit photos outdoors with this tab because the screen is built to work in a variety of lighting conditions.

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Best Tablet For Photoshop With A Great Battery Life

Sony Xperia Z4

This tablet features a 10.1-inch screen with a 2560 x 1600 pixels resolution. The quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor ensures good performance and an Adreno 430 graphics processor makes the quality of the graphics amazingly good. It uses 3GB RAM to provide smooth operation and it has a 32GB storage space which can be extended up to 128 GB. The design and the performance are great for anyone who works with photo editing programs. It is user-friendly and has a decent battery life to make sure you can work on it for long hours without charging it again and again.

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Best Affordable Tablet For Photoshop And Photo Editing From HP

HP Pro Tablet P2C13UT#ABA

If you are looking for something more affordable yet powerful, then this tablet will be suitable for your needs. It has a 7.86-inch screen which is a lot more compact than the others. This makes it ultra-portable, helping those who work on the go. It features an Intel A4 processor with 4GB RAM giving it the ability to perform well.

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Best Budgeted Tablet For Photoshop And Photo Editing

Toshiba Encore 2

This 8-inch tablet uses TruBrite display to give users a good display to work on. It means your images show a more accurate color helping you edit the images perfectly. It is powered by a 1.33 GHz Atom Z2760 processor paired with 2GB RAM. The tablet runs on Windows 8.1. It comes along with a pen that allows you to doodle while you are on the go. Photo editors who like doodling will find this to be a helpful feature. It is portable and compact with an impressive design and an equally impressive price. For budget users, this is a great tablet for photo editing or Photoshop.

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The tablets that we have rounded up as the best tablets for photo editing and Photoshop to buy in 2018 have a great performance, good battery life and offer adequate storage space. This is helpful for photo editors. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned photo editor, you will find that these tablets can provide enough power for you. Not only do these tablets ensure smooth operation, they also make sure that you have the ability to enjoy working on heavyweight programs easily.

The fact that all of them have a great screen quality give you the chance of editing images without worrying about the quality of the images that are being produced. It will look relatively same in different screens because of the true reproduction of colors. We have ensured that the tablets are of different prices so that it can suit all photo editors – those who are looking for premium tablets as well as those who are in search for a budgeted one.

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