Best Headphones Under $100 To Buy In 2018

Whenever we travel or step out of our houses, the one thing that we need. The one thing you look for when you are feeling off. Our headphones. They have made our lives a lot simple in many ways. It keeps you entertained anytime anywhere without disturbing others. When your hands are busy with other work, it lets you answer your calls and talk without any interruptions as they are extremely handy. With headphones on, you can live in your own fun world.

So if you are also looking for comfy and handy headphones to create your entertainment world, remember, your comfort should be your priority. Go for best headphones under 100, comfortable to wear and available at affordable prices. Apart from these attributes, checking on durability and warranty is also an important factor. Whenever you go to a local store, try wearing headphones multiple times to judge them if they poke your ear in any way.

Deciding which headphones to buy has always been difficult. And if you are a tech person, you would like to see many reviews before you choose your headphones. So we have come up with a list of Best headphones under $100 based on multiple reviews which will help you decide which one to buy. To make it simple and hassle-free for you, here’s our awesome pick for best headphones under 100 dollars:

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10 Best Headphones Under $100

Best Headphone Under 100 With Great Noise Cancellation Effect

Cowin E-7 Headphone

Best Headphones Under $100 To Buy In 2018 1

This high-quality Bluetooth audio device is from AKG Company, an American brand. These headphones are very popular for its noise cancellation effect. Even if you are on the plane, it will cancel the sound of the engine. The audio quality is very good as promised by AKG. Charge this for half an hour and it will give your hours of entertainment. It is well balanced between both the ears and it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable while wearing it. The sound is clean and the base is really good. Due to its design, it looks durable and quite comfortable. The ear cups are fluffy and soft so that you can experience comfort over ears. One of its advantages is that it is cable free.

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Best Headphone With Excellent Features

Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Headphone

Best headphones in 2017

A professional studio monitor headphones which are the best pick for either your home or studio. It comes with superior sound isolation and comfortable ear cups. It provides you 90 swiveling earcups which enhance your experience and one ear monitoring. It comes with 40 mm drivers and earth magnets which are rare to get in this range of headphones.

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One Of The Best Headphone Under $100 With Deep Bass

Symphonized Wraith 2.0 Wood Headphone

Best headphones in 2017

This luxurious looking headphone have an outer design made up of quality wood possesses unmatchable acoustic properties of wood. This headphone offers you life like experience and has very deep bass. This extraordinary headphone comes with 3.5 mm sound jack. These Wraith earphones come with an implicit in-line amplifier which actuates Voice Control, answer or end calls and also skip tracks. Symphonized has really delivered an outstanding product at such low price.

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Best Lean Headphone With Light Weight

Sony MDR7506 Large Diaphragm Headphone

Best Headphones Under $100 To Buy In 2018 2

This is one of the favorite headphones for the recording engineers and sound professionals. This is introduced by Sony and its design is same as Sony MDR-V6, but this is leaner with more extended treble range. It makes your listening experience livelier. It weighs eight ounces which are lighter than many of the other headphones. It comes with a 10 feet long cable which is connected to the left earcup. This product gives you great fitting and allows you to experience natural sounds.

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Best Headphone From Avantree Uner $100

Avantree Super Comfortable Bluetooth Headphone

Best headphones in 2017

This headphone is the best you can buy if you love to sing. You will love various features of this headphone as it can be connected with two phones simultaneously. It’s a good option for chatting and gaming as well. It allows automatic switching feature between calls and music. Its battery life is about 40 hours.

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Cheapest Best Headphone To Buy In 2018

SoundMAGIC E50

Best Headphones Under $100 To Buy In 2018 3

This awesome pair of earbuds comes with slight bass emphasis, but it doesn’t muddy the midrange and treble. It comes in ergonomically shape with removable ear hooks. These are a neutral pair of earbuds that come with good sound, and are built well for the price.

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Best Headphone To Buy In 2018 Under  $30

a-JAYS Five

Best headphones in 2017

This pair of In-ear earphones is capable of producing surprisingly accurate sound. According to Head-Fi, this pair is better than many headphones twice its price range. Its Bass, midrange, and highs constraint, all are available in a good way.

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One Of The Best Headphone With Stylish Design

Marshall Major II

Best headphones in 2017

These headphones are so stylish that you can even wear it as an accessory. It has a unique design and is very easy to use. You may buy this headphone in various colors. If you are a headphone lover, then this is a must pick as it comes with the leather padding. It provides you the best possible bass and comes with a detachable cable with a microphone. It also has buttons to control volume and its 40 mm drivers are handmade. This also blocks the background noises and gives you the best music experience.

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One Of The Best Headphone With Great Design And Features

Audio Technica AUD ATHAD500X Headphones

Best Headphones Under $100 To Buy In 2018 4

These are intended for extraordinarily open tuning. You will not feel its weight as it has a lightweight aluminum honeycomb packaging and its outer frame is made up of magnesium. At the left earpiece, it has straight OFC link. It is composed of 53 mm drivers and CCAW voice loops. Its self-altering wing helps to adjust according to your head size. The product looks fragile but it won’t get damaged unless intentional.

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Best Headphone To Buy In 2018 With Durable And Comfortable Design

Edifier H840 Headphone

Best headphones in 2017

It is low priced stereo headphones which are built to make you experience the lively sound of your music. It is made up of stunning material and gives you comfort whole day long. Its design is rich and gives you a style statement. This headphone is lightweight, tough and durable which is available at affordable prices. You can easily adjust the earbuds and rotate it to 90 degrees. Its wire is 2m long for easy access.

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All of these headphones are awesome and of good quality. You may find it difficult to opt among these ten super stylish headphones, but whatever you choose, you will not be disappointed. They are so affordable and are making your life easy and fun.

These models are so sleek and stylish. All of them fit perfectly over your head and their earbuds are comfy and soft which is the best attribute. You can easily carry them while traveling or when you are on the go.

Go and buy the one you like the most, whether it’s over the ear or in ear, they all are available at pocket-friendly prices. So make a good choice and add the thrill to your music listening or gaming experiences.

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