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Best Cheap E-book Readers to buy in 2020

An e-book reader is a mobile electronic device and is undoubtedly an avid reader’s delight, especially during a trip. It saves the reader from the hassle of having to carry with him/her quite a few books. Most e-book readers can accommodate a decent number of books in digital format. The biggest advantage of an e-book reader is that it is quite compact, lightweight and takes up very little space. It bears a close resemblance to a tablet in terms of design. A basic reader displays content on an E Ink monochrome screen that gives you the same look and feel of reading a physical book. This also results in less strain on the eyes. Moreover, you can change the brightness settings so that you can read comfortably both in the bright and dark environments. Most e-book readers come with Wi-Fi connection support so that you can connect to the Internet and download your favourite books from various sources. The list below gives you a few suggestions for some of the best cheap e-book readers that you can buy if you are on a shoestring budget without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Best Cheap E-Book Readers

Best Cheap E-Book Reader with Waterproof Functionality

Amazon Audible Kindle Paperwhite E-book Reader

Amazon Audible Kindle Paperwhite E-book Reader

The Amazon e-book reader has a flush front design. The black Kindle comes with a 6” glare-free touchscreen that has a 300 ppi resolution and displays laser-quality text. It features five inbuilt adjustable lights. The waterproof device allows you to get access to various bestsellers, new releases and umpteen other titles at a very nominal price. The e-book reader allows Audible support that helps in pairing with Bluetooth speakers or headphones so that you can listen to the story of your choice instead of having to read it. It supports content in various formats such as TXT, PDF, DOCX, JPG, PNG, GIF and more.

The sleek Amazon gadget is thin and lightweight that makes it easy to hold in your hand. It has an excellent battery life that lasts for weeks on a single charge. The unit takes four hours to charge through a computer using a USB cable and three hours through a 5 W USB power adapter. The e-book reader comes in two capacities of 8 GB and 32 GB, as well as Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + free cellular connectivity options. The 32 GB version is ideal if you want to store a huge collection of audio-books, comics and magazines. It comes with a USB 2.0 charging cable and a Quick Start Guide.

Who should buy this?

  • The waterproof functionality makes the Amazon Kindle apt for people who are apprehensive of the device getting damaged when it comes in contact with water when they are reading by the beachside or near a pool.
  • The e-book reader is ideal for those who want the content to be displayed with good clarity both indoors and outdoors.

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Best Cheap E-Book Reader with USB 3.0 Card Reader

Barnes & Noble Nook Aluminium Body E-book Reader

Barnes & NobleNookAluminum Body E-book Reader

The Barnes & Noble e-book reader features a high resolution 300 ppi touchscreen that makes each page appear like physical paper all the time. The glare-free display features ambient always-on Glow-light technology that displays crisp text which is easy to read in any lighting irrespective of whether it is night or in the broad daylight. The screen comes fitted with an inbuilt anti-glare screen protector and a lens that is both scratch resistant and fingerprint resistant. The water-tight design makes the dust-proof e-book reader also waterproof.

The e-book reader comes encased in a seamless aluminium body with a textured white margin that gives it a premium feel. The device comes fitted with a rechargeable battery that can be charged using a USB cable. It has a USB 3.0 card reader fitted on it. The device comes with a quick start guide and a micro USB cable.

Who should buy this?

  • The aluminium body ensures that the Barnes & Noble e-book reader is the right option for people who want their e-reader to appear classy and be durable at the same time.
  • The built-in screen protectors along with the scratch resistant and fingerprint resistant functionalities make the device ideal for those who are sceptical about accidental damages to the screen and smudges due to fingerprints.
  • The memory card reader confirms that the e-book reader is worth considering by those who want to read their favourite collections loaded on their memory card.

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Best Cheap E-Book Reader with Huge Memory

Kobo Light and Compact E-book Reader

Kobo Light and Compact E-book Reader

The Kobo e-book reader has a 6” E Ink screen that supports adjusting styles and sizes of the fonts. The E Ink screen is designed to allow you to read your books both indoors and outdoors with the same clarity. The wireless device offers access to about 2.2 million people through the Kobo® e-book store. The huge 1 TB inbuilt memory allows you to store a thousand favourite books. It has a 32 GB micro SD card slot for you to access books saved in the memory card. The gadget comes preloaded with 100 classics so that you can begin using it right away. It supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi access so that you can shop online for the latest releases, free classics, magazines, newspapers or just about anything that you would like to read.

The black e-book reader has a huge raised button on the bottom right side that helps you to navigate from one page to another of your e-book. The back panel has a diamond pattern with a textured finish that gives you a good grip when you hold your device. The device has a long battery life so that you can read about 10,000 pages without having to bother about frequent recharges. It supports PDF and ePUB text formats.

Who should buy this?

  • The Kobo e-book reader best meets the requirements of people who wish to use it to save large volumes of books because of the high memory capacity.
  • The ability to adjust the size and style of the fonts make it ideal for those who want to try out different combinations of the same for their reading comfort.
  • The long-life battery ensures that the e-book reader is the best bet for those who are apprehensive of charging their device often to enjoy uninterrupted reading.

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Best Cheap E-Book Reader with Color Temperature Management

Likebook Mars E-Reader

If you want to own an exquisite e-book reader without spending a fortune, this one could be an excellent choice. Likebook Mars e-reader comes with a 7.8″E-ink HD Touchscreen and superhigh resolution of 1404 * 1872. In addition, this reader includes special anti-glare technology. Thanks to it, the screen is protected but not just that. The reflective light is effectively reduced as well.

The e-reader has a nice and sleek design. It is comfortable to hold and it is thin so you can carry it with you wherever you go. This reader features Dual Mode Color Temperature. It means that you can adjust everything according to your needs and enjoy reading during the day and the night. It supports multiple formats and it is very easy and enjoyable the use. It comes with Android 6.0, it supports Google Play Store and it also comes with pre-install Audible.

Who should buy this?

  • Those who want to have a great e-book reader with a bunch of useful features
  • If you want the reader with a dual-mode color temperature option for comfortable reading during the day and the night


Best Cheap E-Book Reader with Multimedia Player

Naxa Digital LCD Screen E-book Reader

Naxa Digital LCD ScreenE-book Reader

The Naxa e-book reader encompasses a 7” digital LCD anti-glare colour screen with 480 x 234p high resolution and a text ID3 lyric display. The black coloured reader comes integrated with a media player. It is capable of supporting the calendar function, many music function effects, as well as multiple music, picture and video formats. The device can also convert video and music formats from one format to another. The 4 GB reader has a memory card slot to expand the memory further. It supports Wi-Fi connectivity and e-books in ePUB, FB2, TXT, HTML, PDF, PDB and RTF formats.

The e-book reader is enclosed in a compact and thin frame. The gadget has inbuilt components like a rechargeable lithium battery, a USB input, speakers and electronic volume control. It comes along with a hand strap, a USB cable, a stereo earphone and a UL/ETL approved AC adapter.

Who should buy this?

  • The Naxa e-book reader is undoubtedly the right choice for people who would like to own an e-reader with a big size screen
  • The inclusion of the multimedia player ensures that the reader a must have item for those who wish to use the same device to read books, watch movies or listen to music
  • The hand strap makes the e-book reader a good option for those who wish to carry the reader with them in their hand from one place to another without fear of it falling off

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Best Cheap E-Book Reader with Multiple Languages Support

YunnLow Power Consumption E-book Reader

YunnLow Power Consumption E-book Reader

The Yunn e-book reader comes with a 6” E Ink screen with 800 x 600p resolution, 167 dpi and black and white display effect. The E Ink makes the screen look like ink on paper in order to ensure a comfortable reading experience even in direct sunlight. The device allows you to enjoy your reading anywhere because of its lightweight design that allows you to comfortably hold the reader with one hand. The existing inbuilt memory can be increased still further to include more books by using a 32 GB memory card.

The e-book reader incorporates an E200 CPU with an A2 refresh mode, an audio interface and a micro USB 2.0 interface. It offers various functions such as FM radio, recording, Audible, calendar, clock, calculator and dictionary. The gadget also supports multiple languages, text formats, picture formats and audio playback formats. The reader comprises a 1,400 mAh lithium polymer battery that allows you to read 7,500 pages non-stop with just one charge and has a standby time of one month. The e-reader is available in black and Gray colours with three memory options of 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB. It comes with a pair of headphones, a USB data cable and a leather case.

Who should buy this?

  • The Audible function ensures that the Yunn e-book reader is the best bet for people who would prefer listening to or hearing their e-books being read out to them rather than reading them
  • The leather case makes the e-reader a good option for those who are looking for a way to take the device safely with them wherever they go

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Best Cheap E-Book Reader with Stylus

Sony Anti-Glare Screen E-book Reader

SonyAnti-Glare ScreenE-book Reader

The Sony e-book reader comes with a 5” E Ink Pearl anti-glare clear touchscreen with 800 x 600p resolution. The silver coloured reader has a 2 GB RAM that allows it to store close to 1,200 books.  The device operates on Windows CE. The aluminium reader has a compact sturdy construction that allows you to keep it quite comfortably in a shoulder bag or purse. It comprises a mini USB port at the bottom and a stylus on the right side. The power switch is located on the top. The reader allows you to set your font in six different sizes to suit your reading convenience.

The e-reader comes with two dictionaries to look up the meanings of words that you do not know. It also has 10 other inbuilt translation dictionaries for you to translate a word from one language to another. The gadget supports books of multiple formats such as ePUB, Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF. The device features an inbuilt 3.7 V DC lithium-ion rechargeable battery that allows you two full weeks or 10,000 pages of reading an ePUB book on a single charge. The e-book reader comes with a quick start guide, micro USB cable and a reader library software that allows you to download your favourite e-books and manage your existing collection.

Who should buy this?

  • The Sony e-book reader is a good choice for people who wish to be able to adjust the font size so that they can read their favourite book comfortably without straining their eyes
  • The stylus makes the reader ideal for those who want to take notes or highlight certain text that they found interesting when they read a book
  • The inclusion of translation dictionaries ensure that the device is apt for those looking for ways to translate certain words from one language to another in order to understand their meanings better

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Best Cheap E-Book Reader with Wi-Fi Support

Onyx BOOX Darwin 3 Android E-book Reader

Onyx BOOX Darwin 3 Android E-book Reader

The Onyx BOOX Darwin 3 e-book reader comes with a 6” E Ink Carta multi-touchscreen with 758 x 1024p resolution, 16 Gray levels contrast ratio and an inbuilt MOON light system. The reader encompasses 512 MB RAM, a dual-core processor and 8 GB internal memory. It operates on Android 4.2 that makes the device truly versatile. The gadget supports Wi-Fi functionality so that you can search online and download a horde of e-books based on genre, author, series or even title. The e-reader comprises a card slot for you to insert a 32 GB SD card and increase your book collection to 35,000. The SNOW Field function helps in controlling the content displayed on the screen with a partial refresh.

The inbuilt BOOX software helps the black e-book reader supports texts and graphics in various formats to give you get the maximum reading experience. The software helps you to make various customizations such as changing the font size and style, adding new fonts, zooming the pages and inserting bookmarks according to your preferences. The reader also supports various foreign languages. It comes with preloaded English to Russian and Russian to English dictionaries. The device helps you to translate a word you are not familiar with by just touching it on the screen. The gadget houses a 3,000 mAh battery that offers you a full month of reading before you need to look out for the charger again. It comes with a smart cover that offers the dual function of protecting the screen and setting the device to sleep mode when the e-book reader is closed.

Who should buy this?

  • The Onyx BOOX Darwin 3 e-book reader is a good option for people who would like to customize their devices according to their preferences
  • The MOON Light screen makes the gadget apt for those who wish to catch up with their reading even in poor lighting or in the dark
  • The smart cover that comes with the reader ensures that it is worth consideration by those who are apprehensive of accidental damage to their screen

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Best Cheap E-Book Reader with Inbuilt Speaker

Slick Pocket Size E-book Reader

Slick Pocket Size E-book Reader

The Slick e-book reader comes with a 4.3”high-resolution colour display enclosed in a black frame. The device has 2 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory allows you to add 2,000 books to your collection. And if that is not enough, the expandable memory slot allows you to increase this count to 30,000 with a 32 GB card. The reader is not only compact in size but is also very thin and lightweight. This allows you to put the device into your pocket with almost or just the same comfort that you would put it into a purse or pouch.

The e-book reader comes with an inbuilt speaker and a USB 2.0 port. The gadget supports e-books developed in ePUB, TXT and PDF formats. It comes with the kobo Desktop application that helps you take your pick from over a million free titles and encompasses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

Who should buy this?

  • The striped design with the surrounding black frame makes the Slick e-book reader a good bet for people who are on the lookout for a distinct looking device
  • The colour display ensures that the e-reader is apt for those who want their content to look vibrant with multiple colours
  • The inbuilt speaker makes the device ideal for readers who would like to listen to some music as they enjoy reading their favourite book

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Best Cheap E-Book Reader For Design

inkBook Classic 2

inkBook Classic 2 has an ergonomic design and some unique features you might not find on the other devices. The device is made for users comfortability. It doesn’t matter if you are a left-handed or right-handed, you will be able to use inkBook Classic 2 comfortably. Moreover, its OpenDyslexic font was specially created to help those with dyslexia.

You can access more bookstores. You might not find this feature on the other e-readers. It’s also designed to eliminate the accidental page turns. You can just turn off the display’s touch feature to prevent that.

InkBook Classic 2 is equipped with two navigations: touch gesture and physical page-turn inkBUTTONS™ with the all-new mechanism. You can choose which navigation is more comfortable for you.

With all those great features and design, no wonder inkBook Classic 2 got Red Dot Award for Product Design 2019 for good design and innovation.

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Best cheap e-book reader with a long battery life

Kobo Touch 2.0

Kobo is one of the best e-reader companies in the world. They have various models with different spec and features, from the affordable model to advance one.

Kobo Touch 2.0 is the most affordable e-book reader from Kobo. One of its best feature that distinguishes it from Kindle and inkBook is, battery life. It has longer battery life, up to 2 months while Kindle’s can only last up for 4 weeks.

When it comes to design, Kobo Touch 2.0 has a light and small dimension (185 g and 157 x 115 x 9.2mm). Thus, you can easily hold it with only one hand and read comfortably everywhere you go. It has 6” Pearl E Ink touchscreen and 4 GB on-board memory that allow you to hold up to 3,000 e-books.

If you are looking for the best cheap e-book reader with long battery life, Kobo Touch 2.0 is the one.

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Best Affordable E-Book Reader For Kids

Kindle For Kids Bundle

Buying an e-book reader for your kids is better than buying them a tablet. It’s more safe and educative than a tablet. With an e-reader, your kids will not be able to accidentally open the inappropriate contents because it’s designed for reading.

Kindle for kids bundle is the perfect choice. It’s specially designed for kids. It has a feature to encourage your little ones to have a positive reading habit by setting and tracking their reading goals and progress. It’s also provided with a reader’s vocabulary with tools like Word Wise and Vocabulary Builder. Thus, they can use it to understand difficult words without leaving the page.

Having a reading habit is good, but sometime they forgot about the time, especially if they read their favorite books. That’s why, Kindle for kids isn’t equipped with a backlight. Therefore, when the light in their room is off, they should stop reading and get to sleep.

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There are a few factors that you can analyse to make your buying decision less challenging. One of the foremost considerations is of course the capacity of the e-reader. This determines how many books you can store in your device. The next point to think about is the format in which you plan to save your books. Most gadgets support multiple formats such as PDF, TXT, HTML and more to cover different book types. However, it is always advisable to check if your reader is compatible with your e-book format. Although not very important, screen size can also be a deciding factor. Last but not the least, if you plan to use the reader in a place where it is likely to come in contact with water like a beach or a pool, it is highly recommended that you go in for one of the many waterproof e-book readers available.

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