Apple Watch Accessories Protection

Apple Watch will be available on April 24, 2015, and the pre-orders will be opened on April 10 2015. Many users have been waiting for this device, and if you are one of them, you should find the suitable Apple Watch accessories, so you can welcome your device with everything you need.

Companies that produce accessories are always very happy when some new product hit the markets, and that was the case with this watch as well. Third party manufacturers gave their best to prepare some pieces the users will want to buy as soon as they get their Apple Watches, and even before that time.

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There are 3 Apple Watch versions: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch edition with watch size options 38 mm and 42 mm. All three options are equally interesting, that’s for sure.

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Screen Guard

There will be a lot of Screen guard brands for the Apple Watch, and here are some of them:

1. iLLumi Shield

Apple Watch Accessories Protection

Key features of this screen protector are:

Anti glare/Matte, Anti-bubble, scratch resistant and oil resistant. The anti-glare feature is good, because the reflection will be at the minimum. This protector is made from the finest materials. This screen protector has some layers with special function who can continue the blue light line of screen protector. At this moment, this protector is available for Apple Watch 42 mm, but it seems there will be the protector for the Apple Watch 38 mm as well.


2. Chitronic 

Apple Watch Accessories Protection

This screen protector with tempered glass is designed for the Apple Watch 38 mm, 42 mm and a Sport edition. Made of hard glass material with surface hardness level until 8-9 H, and a good glass quality that has a good transparency and ultra-high transmittance until 98%. It’s easy to install and use a strong silicon adhesive until it sticks strongly but do not affect the performance of touchscreen.


1. Bumper ActionProof

Apple Watch Accessories Protection

We are pretty sure you’ll love your Apple Watch, and that you will take it anywhere with you. The thing is, this watch is not cheap, and you want to protect it as best as possible. For that reason, bumper sounds like a good idea, and this one will protect your watch from possible shocks. At the moment, this rubber bumper is available for 42 mm version.

2. Defense Edge from X-doria

Apple Watch Accessories Protection

This case is made of aluminium material that is on the outside, and rubber that is on the inside. This wonderful case will not hide the beauty of your Apple Watch, that’s for sure. It’s available for 42 mm and 38 mm versions, and installation is very simple.

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