Apple Beyond mere Specification

When Apple entered the industry, the first personal computer they have developed was Apple. Later on, they developed Mac and Lisa, and today, Mac is one of the most popular computers in the world.

In the 90s, Apple started producing printers, cameras and personal tablets with the stylus. The official name of the company was Apple Computer Inc. Firstly, computers were in the company’s focus, but things have changed. A couple of years later, in 2007 when Apple launched Apple TV and the iPhone for the first time, CEO of the company, Steve Jobs, announced the company name will be changed to Apple Inc.

Apple Beyond mere Specification
Apple is known for the incredible products, and one of the latest is the Apple smartwatch. All the products that were even developed by the company were incredible in every single way. Even the features they include are phenomenal. We can take Widget feature on the iPhone as an example. This feature was available on Android for some period of time, while iPhone users didn’t have it. It was presented by Apple with the iOS 8. It became the part of the notification center, which was an excellent move, because users can access the center always from different places such as Home screen, apps, and the lock screen. When it comes to Android, if the user wants to access the Widget, the only way to do so is from the Home screen, so the iPhone’s solution is a lot better

When creating products, Apple thinks about everything. Products developed by Apple are great when it comes to performance, and their design is always exceptional. If we take a new MacBook 2015 as an example, and compare it with other laptops that come with the similar price, we will notice a huge difference when we look at the specification.New Macbook 2015 looks too expensive. In another word with the same price actually you can get a laptop with higher specifications, but if you consider the Apple focus: useful, a good ergonomis product and the beauty, then you will think different.

When comparing the products, have these things in mind:

Apple Beyond mere Specification
  • What do you feel when you see the product?

Apple Beyond mere Specification

  • What  do you feel when you hold and touch the product?

Apple Beyond mere Specification

  • What do you feel when you use all their hardware and software features?

Products Apple creates offer an exceptional experience for the users, because they are the synonym for beauty and excellent performance.

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