5 Ways To Fix IPhone YouTube Is Not Responding

It is very hard to imagine the world without YouTube today. People use it daily on their computers, and on their mobile phones. For iPhone users, it is one of the favorite apps. Sometimes, when you open the app, it simply won’t respond. In this article, you can see 5 ways to fix iPhone YouTube is not responding. If needed, try all these solutions we provided, and eventually, you will find the one that works.

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5 ways to fix iPhone YouTube is not responding



Solution No.1: Force close the app

The easiest solution out of all 5 ways to fix iPhone YouTube is not responding is definitely this one. To do this, press the home button twice, and do it really fast. You will see all the apps you have been using lately. Find YouTube, swipe up, and close it. Open the app again.


Solution No.2: Restart your iPhone

The other solution that may be very helpful when glitches like this occur, is the iPhone restart. Press and hold the sleep/wake button, slide to turn off your device, and turn it back on.


Solution No.3: Reinstall the app

Find the YouTube icon on the Home screen, tap on it and hold until you see the X. Press on it, and the app will be deleted. Visit the App Store, download and install the app.


Solution No.4: Clear the cache

For this step, you will need a proper app. In the App Store, there are many apps designed for clearing the cache. Download and install one of them.


Solution No.5: Erase all content and settings

This step will definitely help you out, but before you start with it, make sure to back up your important data on iCloud. Go to Settings, choose General, choose Reset, and then click on Erase all Content and Settings. After several minutes, everything will be erased, and you may set up your device as new. Sometimes, all you need is a fresh start.