5 Ways To Fix IPhone 6 Black And White Screen

If the beautiful and colorful screen on your iPhone 6 turned black and white, it’s not as complicated issue as you may think, and in most cases users solve this on their own. You’ll find several simple and effective troubleshooting steps you should try, and one of 5 ways to fix iPhone 6 black and white screen will do the trick. Here they are.

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5 ways to fix iPhone 6 black and white screen

5 ways to fix iPhone 6 black and white screen

5 ways to fix iPhone 6 black and white screen

Solution No.1: Grayscale

How many times you accidentally turned something on, on your iPhone 6? At least a couple, and this time, it might be Grayscale. What to do is this:

  • Go to Settings app, and tap General
  • Choose Accessibility
  • Set Grayscale to off.

Solution No.2: Zoom

This is one of 5 ways to fix iPhone 6 black and white screen that solved the problem for many users, so make sure to try it out. There are two options here, both equally effective. The first one is this: go to Settings > General > Accessibility > and turn on Zoom, and then back off. The second one is this: you need to tap the Home Button three times, and then simply uncheck the option Zoom. The color will be back.

Solution No.3: Restart your iPhone

Usually, one of the previous solutions is enough, but in case you didn’t find them useful, restart your iPhone 6.. To do that, just press and hold the power button, and move the slider to turn off the phone. Once it’s completely off, press and hold the power button again, to turn it back on.

Solution No.4: Reset

If in some case you cannot restart your iPhone, press and hold the Home button, and the power (sleep/wake button), at the same time, and when Apple logo shows up on the screen, release the buttons. Hopefully, the issue with iPhone 6 black and white screen will be gone.

Solution No.5: Erase all content and settings

You have probably erased settings and content before, and you know it can be pretty effective solution. Just to remind you, before you begin, backup your iPhone 6 to iCloud or iTunes. Here is what you need to do:

  • Go to Settings app, and tap General
  • Scroll down and tap Reset
  • Choose Erase all Content and Settings
  • When you select it, a small window will pop up, so you’ll have to confirm the action.
  • The phone will reboot, and usually in a couple of minutes and sometimes more, content and settings will be erased.


We are pretty sure that one of 5 ways to fix iPhone 6 black and white screen will solve the issue, and the screen on your iPhone 6 will be normal. In case that does not happen, you should visit one of the Apple Stores and ask for further assistance.

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