5 Ways To Fix IPhone Not Booting After Reset

There are some situations in which you will think that your iPhone is broken, or simply dead. One of those situations is when your device won’t boot after the reset. In most cases, this glitch may occur after updating or restoring the device. If this happened to you, you may want to try these 5 ways to fix iPhone not booting after reset we prepared for you. Try them all out if necessary, and hopefully, you will be able to boot your phone.

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5 ways to fix iPhone not booting after reset

Source: iPhonehacks.com

Solution No.1: Hold Home and Power button

Maybe this will help you. Hold Home and Power buttons at the same time, at least for 10 seconds, or more. If Apple logo appears, continue holding Home, and let go the power button.


Solution No.2: Restart your device

When your phone, simply won’t boot, and if you cannot see the Apple logo or the Home screen, you should try to reset. Hold sleep/wake button, and turn off your device completely. Wait a bit, and turn it on.


Solution No.3: Charge your device

Perhaps you didn’t even notice that the battery will completely empty soon. Charge your phone at least for ten minutes, and try to boot the device again.


Solution No.4: Update your device in the Recovery mode

To do this, the first thing you need to do is to turn off your device completely. Then, plug the USB cable of your iPhone only to your computer, not to the device. Press and hold the Home button, and then plug the cable into your iPhone. Keep pressing home, until you see the iTunes logo. From the iTunes software choose the Update option. IOS will be reinstalled.


Solution No.5: Restore your device in the Recovery mode

Repeat the steps to get into the recovery mode given in the Solution No.4. Once when you are in the Recovery mode, choose Restore option.


After you try all these 5 ways to fix iPhone not booting after reset, and nothing helps, contact Apple.