WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

With several updates coming up every now and then, WhatsApp has been attracting several customers and users towards its exciting features. To make the functioning a breeze for the users, WhatsApp has been launching several new features on a constant basis.

Though most of the features offered by the most popular messaging and chatting app are quite simple, there are several hidden features of WhatsApp that your mind might need to unwind. You might need some patience and willingness to know about these special features through various WhatsApp tips and tricks. Here are some:

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List of WhatsApp tips and tricks

Make Use of WhatsApp on the Web:

WhatsApp tips and tricks

It is a great myth that WhatsApp can be used only on your phone. There is also a web app that would sync everything from your phone when WhatsApp will be used as a web application. If you have Google Chrome browser installed on your laptop or computer system, then you go to the WhatsApp Web Page present in the WhatsApp application on your phone. You would need to then scan the QR code and then follow the instructions as they come in your phone.

Once you do it, all the chats and alerts on your phone will come on your computer screen. With the help of the amazing WhatsApp tricks, you can reply and converse with much ease using the WhatsApp Web Page feature. In order to achieve the same, your phone must be connected to the web page to enable smooth working. If in case, you would lose the connection, then the web app will stop working or sync unless you would restore the connection.

Make Use of WhatsApp on Desktop:

In addition to the WhatsApp Web feature, there is also the provision of a desktop app that is available for Windows 8 and above. In addition to this, the desktop app of WhatsApp can also be run on Mac OS X 10.9 and above series. This app of WhatsApp can be downloaded from the link “whatsapp.com/download/”. By doing this, you can use your smartphone features on your desktop as well.

For achieving this, you would need to scan the QR code from the WhatsApp Web icon on the smartphone and then your connection becomes established. Once again, you will get all your conversations and chats synced on the desktop from the smartphone. This would enable simpler and faster replies.

Protection of Chats with a Passcode:

Another important form of WhatsApp tips includes those of the prevention of chats from anyone else reading the same. WhatsApp wouldn’t help in the protection of chats from the onlookers or snoopers. However, with the help of the third party apps that are available on Android that can protect your chat with the help of some PIN or password. Various other apps that can be used to protect your private chats include Smart AppLock, Try Messenger, and Chat Block for the Android users. For the Windows users, the apps include WhatsApp Locker and for BlackBerry users, the users can try out the Whats Messenger app for securing their conversations or chats on WhatsApp.

Read Receipts and Hide Timestamps:

When you would see a contact or even a chat window of any of your contact in the WhatsApp icon, then you must have observed the timestamp as “Last Seen” under the name of the particular person. This small indicator can be used to check when the particular person had last checked his or her WhatsApp. If in case, you do not wish other people to see when you had last used the WhatsApp, then you can hide your WhatsApp last seen timestamp. For doing this, you just need to go to the Settings of your WhatsApp and then Account and then proceed to the Privacy Settings.

You must make your Last Seen to “nobody” if you do not wish anyone to see when you had last used WhatsApp. However, once you would enable this, you would also not be able to see anyone else’s Last Seen. Under the Privacy Settings, you can also hide your status, profile photos and even read receipts status. In addition to this, you can also manage your personalized list of blocked contacts.

Understand the Trick of the Blue Ticks:

WhatsApp tips and tricks

This is one of the most important WhatsApp tricks that might serve helpful for various users. If you wish to read receipts notifications of other people in your contact, however, you do not wish others to check whether you have read their messages or not, then there are WhatsApp tips for this feature too. Before opening a particular message on WhatsApp, you can put your phone in the airplane mode. Then you can open the message when the flight mode is still on. Then you can come out of it and then turn the airplane mode off.

When you would do this, the ticks would not turn blue when you would read the message of another person. The sender would not know that you have read the message and this can save you from a lot of troubles.

Archive the Chats:

By the feature of the archive chats, it would allow you in hiding a conversation from the chat screen of your smartphone. The best feature of this specification is that it does not delete the conversation or chat. It also does not back up the conversation or chat to the SD card of the smartphone. It can help in the organization of the conversations. You can archive individual chats or even group chats. With this, the chats will disappear unless you pull down the same from the top of the display of the conversations or chats. Then you can tap the Archived Chats tab.

To archive the conversations or chats, you need to go to the Settings icon and then scroll down. Then you can select the ‘Archive All Chats’ option. Then you can clear all the chats from this section.

Determining When Message was Read:

In WhatsApp, check marks appear whenever you send messages to someone. A single grey check would determine that your message has been successfully sent to the desired person. Double grey checks would ensure that your message had been successfully delivered over the WhatsApp of the desired person. And then comes the double blue ticks that ensure that your message has been seen by the desired recipient.

In addition to this information, you can also determine the time around which the particular recipient might have seen or read your message. You just need to tap the message for some time and then tap on the Info icon to obtain the message details. The details would include the information about when the message was delivered and when it was read by the recipient.

WhatsApp tips and tricks

WhatsApp can offer a multitude of exciting features that can be used by the users to optimize their WhatsApp usage. With the help of the above-mentioned WhatsApp tips and tricks, you can expedite your experience with the WhatsApp. These tips and tricks might come handy in several situations in your life and can offer much ease of using this versatile chatting and messaging app. Way to go with exciting features and amazing tips!

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