What To Do If You Spilled Water On Your Phone

In case you spilled water on your device, this doesn’t mean it has automatically become useless. We’ve researched and compiled a series of tips.

There are a few people who can say that they never “wet” their smartphone or they didn’t drop the phone in water, and not everyone has a waterproof gadget, like Sony.

You can read HERE a helpful guide for those who spilled water on their laptops.

It happened to me three times, but with classic phones, not smartphones and twice I managed to save the device. I admit that I didn’t use the tricks below because I didn’t know at that time, so I left my phone on the radiator. However, the methods described below, I think they have a success rate greater than 66.6%.

The phone fell into the water. What are you going to do?

First, don’t panic. To guarantee that your smartphone will work even after it had contact with water, you have to act fast, so don’t you stand to think about how much money you gave for it or what will your parents do to you. Get it out of the water quickly.

Once you do that, if the phone is still on, you have to turn it off immediately. If you’re lucky and you can remove the battery, this would be the next thing to do. Remove the SIM card and the microSD card. Then, use paper towels to dry it as best as you can.

To make sure you reached the less accessible areas too, (for example, the headphone jack), use a vacuum cleaner. You might be tempted to get a hairdryer, but this it will do more harm than good. The air will push the water deeper into the device.

The next step is to put the smartphone in a bag of rice or dry cereal, which will absorb the remaining moisture from the gadget. It’s best to use silica gel, the small transparent balls that can be found in shoe boxes or new backpacks.

The phone must stand so, between 48 and 72 hours. Don’t rush to get it out of there, because when you turn it on, if the circuits aren’t completely dry, you risk transforming it into a brick.

My phone dropped into water – the Americans are the luckiest

DryBox and TekDry are using the laws of physics to save customer’s smartphones in less than 20 minutes. Specifically, phones that fell into the water are placed in a container which is depressurized, the device being in a vid. Then, apply a little bit of heat, and due to a combination of low pressure and higher temperature, the water starts to come out of the device and boil, evaporating quickly.

Both companies recommended immediate closure of the affected device and bringing it into a service within 48 hours of the incident. You can watch the process below.

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