Top best racing games for iPhone

There are so many different games out there, so no matter what is your favorite genre – there is something for everyone. If you have an iPhone and if you are into racing games, this article is for you. Here, we are going to list some of the best racing games for iPhone that you can download from AppStore.

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Best racing games for iPhone

Real Racing 3

Our personal favorite is Real Racing 3. You cannot even imagine that a single session of the game could go for a couple of hours, and even after you have filled all your car repairing slots you still want to play it. The game comes with 200 cars including Ford, Pagani, Aston Martin and more. There are 18 real-world locations that add a special flair to the game.

Download Real Racing 3

Grid Autosport

The better the simulation, the more amazing the gameplay is. Codemaster’s Grid Autosport is a combination of realism, simulation, and adventure. This is yet another auspicious gaming environment with realistic effects just like our first pick. And the detail in every segment is tremendous. There are 100 cars, 100 circuits, fantastic controls, and all that together gives console-quality racing.

Download Grid Autosport

Asphalt 8: Airborne

The eighth instalment of the Asphalt series proved to be the best episode for the racing game lovers. The graphics-rich environment, thrilling drive experience and tons of cars under the hood make every moment fun enriched. It won’t be wrong to say that Asphalt 8: Airborne is one of the finest games Gameloft has launched.

Download Asphalt 8: Airborne

CSR Classics

Love retro cars dragging? Then CSR Classics is the game that is gonna be one of your favorites. It packs the classic oldies, running between the lines and pushing it hard to hit to the stamp the victory. Ahead of that, customize your rod with any color or vinyl and give it a personalized look.

Download CSR Classics

Mini Motor Racing

The game includes over 400 races that you need to conquer. There are over 50 tracks, and you get to race in different weather conditions, and also at different times of the day. Mini Motor Racing includes online multiplayer option with up to 4 players. Even though the cars are little, you will have neverending fun racing!

Download Mini Motor Racing

Highway Rider

The Highway Rider is all about racing a motorbike on the highway. It comes with three different gaming modes, offering a different experience of the game. Graphics quality is fine while the difficulty level might seem quite hard initially. Spending half an hour in this game would change everything, and could even make you addictive.

Download Highway Rider

Horizon Chase – World Tour

If you were a gaming kid in the ‘90s then you would certainly recall the Crazy Cars and the Top Gear after playing the Horizon Chase. Though it is entirely different in a way, you still get the same old feeling, like when you played Out Run or Rush, but with the remastered graphics and some additional content like the original music tracks.

Download Horizon Chase – World Tour


This dearest racing club on the planet earth was once a part of the gaming consoles, but just recently it came out for the iPhone. If you already have played the console version of the Gear.Club then you need no description that what it is. But if you have not, then just keep in mind that it is a combination of realism as well as the adventure that can make you sit for hours.

Download Gear.Club