Top best FPS games for Android

Gaming has advanced to a whole new level. Awesome FPS games for Android are available on Google Play offering fantastic gaming experience. In this article, you’ll see the most popular Android games. Advanced customization and high-powered online presence make the following games worth checking out. These vary from games with a massive store of weaponry to those with a bunch of challenging missions, you can either play alone or in a team.

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Best FPS games for Android

Modern Combat 5

Do you like to play solo or do you prefer to be a part of the team? This war game, the first of its kind, offers styles that vary and which can be customized to suit your taste. It provides accurate and more natural aiming thus enhancing the gaming experience. Additionally, the graphics are captivating and your Android device should have a decent configuration. It has multiple levels with unique advanced online multiplayer mode.

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Guns of Boom

Easy aiming and intuitive controls make the game relatively easy but this does not reduce the amount of interest. The game has a lot of fans. Even if your Android phone is old, you will play it without any lag. It has team-based battles, character optimization and a variety of locations to choose. It offers both online and offline tournaments with cash prizes.

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Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 presents an apocalyptic world infested by zombies and your task is to kill them. Breathtaking graphics will make you excited. There is a huge number of weapons and you can equip yourself with a relevant arsenal to suit your levels and skills. The aggression of zombies varies from intense to silent and calm. There are tournaments with real cash prizes.

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N.O.V.A. Legacy

Fight against alien invaders either online or offline. The game offers an online matching system coupled with console-like experience on mobile. The arsenal is advanced with three game modes to choose from. It offers a single-player campaign offline. The graphics, multi-player arena and customization of suits enhance the gaming experience.

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Modern Strike Online

There are two sides to choose to play from, terrorists or anti-terrorists. There are multiple weapons, battles (solo or multiple) and game modes. It has easy and intuitive control, making it relatively manageable. You can create your own rules! Not forgetting the large pool of weapons to choose from.

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Bullet force

Get together with other players to create a squad of up to twenty members. You can also combat against other players and customize your own playing mode and weapons either online or offline. There is a variety of weapons and missions which make it more intriguing with easy and intuitive controls. You will enjoy the free spectator mode.

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Into the Dead 2

Kill zombies and survive in these harsh conditions where your family and friends are at risk. It’s a fight for survival. You can play it online with its multiple and evolving endings. You will be well armored with the variety of weapons offered to face the horrifying zombies. The weapons can be upgraded and unlocked as you proceed further.

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With more than a hundred missions, kill zombies in New York City filled with lethal walking dead people. Customization features are advanced and you can play solo or as a part of the team with a lot of guns. There is incredible graphics which offer real-life experience. The app is free.

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