Possible Fixes for PS4 Controller Not Charging

With the introduction of smartphones one after another by many companies, many of you may think that the market of gaming console is dead. Yes, they are expensive than smartphone and less attractive than PC but still gaming consoles have many advantages, which cannot be ignored.

If you spend five minutes in the Google Play Store or App Store, you will be overwhelmed with the huge number of games, and most of them are garbage and have countless bugs. But, in the world of console gaming, the software is much more reliable.

However, if you continuously play with your gaming console such as Xbox one or PS4 controller, facing some issues is not a surprising thing. Such an issue is – PS4 controller not charging. A lot of users of this gaming console have been seen to complain at forums about this issue. We have gathered some possible fixes for PS4 controller not charging issue and are going to discuss them here.

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Possible fixes for the PS4 controller not charging issue

Here we will mention some steps. Try them one by one. If the first step does not work for you, move to the next step and so on.

Step 1: If you have been using the controller for long, then consider replacing the batteries as rechargeable batteries lose their charges with time and die.

Fixes for PS4 Controller Not Charging

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Step 2: Try to reset the PS4 controller. On the back of the controller, there is a small indent located next to the right screw. Take a toothpick and press that indent down for a few seconds. Then plug in the charger and see if any difference happens.

Step 3: There is a chance that the charging port is faulty if it is not charging when connected to the gaming system. Sometimes the charging port gets damaged because of constantly plug in the charger in and out because of stresses.

Step 4: To make sure that the charging cable is not broken, connect the cable to a different controller and see if it is charging or not.

Step 5: Make sure that your PS4 controller is not sitting on hot electronics because it could be the reason behind the not charging issue. The reason is, there is a sensor through which the controller may think that if it continues getting charged, the thing may get explode.

That was all. We tried to discuss the possible fixes for the PS4 controller not charging issue. If none of the steps works, then replacing the controller is the only option for you.


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