The latest Samsung Galaxy S6 teaser confirms some rumors [VIDEO ]

Surely Samsung Galaxy S6 will be inspired by the A Series, but from Notes 4 and Note Edge as well. Even the curved display technology will reach the last Galaxy S6, being on the only model available, either on its Edge version, in addition to normal. Samsung has published some pictures and videos of teasing the curved screen that has been suggested in the past week, and these images are confirming our thoughts.

On March 1, in Barcelona, Samsung Galaxy S6 will be officially presented and until then there is only 1 week. However, the latest video teaser from Samsung confirms some rumors circulating on the Internet

On Instagram, and both Twitter and YouTube, Samsung has published videos and pictures of the Samsung Galaxy S6. There will be a version with curved screen on both sides, as Note Edge has, and it shows in the video below. Also, the voice that narrates claims this will be the gadget where the beauty meets power, indicating the best specs: best processors and 3GB RAM.

As for the screen, even if it doesn’t exceeds the size of the Galaxy S5, it will be 2K resolution and better reflections management than the last Samsung phones. It remains to be seen if Samsung launches one phone, staking everything on the curved screen on both sides, or it is launching two as he did with Note 4 and Note Edge. Technobezz detailed the story of the Samsung Galaxy S6 here.