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What is Smart Reply in Android 10? featured image

Android 10 brought many new features and improvements, and if you just installed it on your device, we can guarantee you’ll enjoy exploring what’s fresh. You can now enable dark mode and change Android’s overall theme.

What Can I Buy With Bitcoin? featured image

More people are getting interested in Bitcoin. It uses a peer-to-peer system (P2P) without a single administrator, like a Bank.

YouTube Music Premium: Plans, Pros, and How to use it featured image

By getting YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium will be included as the exclusive music service. However, you can buy it as a standalone music service.

Amazon Prime Video : How-to guides, how to use it and Pros & Cons featured image

Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service designed by Amazon, available in many different countries. Users get the chance to enjoy a variety of movies and TV shows for a monthly fee.

Netflix : How-to guides, how to use it and Pros & Cons featured image

Everything you need to know about Netflix: how to use it, tips, how-to guides and pros & cons..

How To Take A Screenshot on Any Device featured image

This guide covers everything you need to know about screenshots, ranging from windows 10 to iPhone to Android and Mac..

TikTok vs Byte featured image

Social media networks nowadays have reached millions of people. That is why media is such a powerful tool.

Advantages and disadvantages of 5G featured image

As the 5G network has been quite different from the 4G network regardless of the speed, latency, capacity it is known that it has many advantages. With advantages, there always come some disadvantages as well.

Top 10 Best Apps For Saving Money featured image

Have you ever tried some of the best apps for saving money when purchasing something? If not, maybe now is the time to do so. These apps can help you find discounts and special offers and you can get coupons as well, so you will be able to save money on clothes, groceries, and many other things.

What is the difference between 4G and 5G featured image

When the 4G mobile network appeared, it was a huge discovery that opened a lot of possibilities and improvement regarding the 3G network. With the 4G network, we are able to watch high definition television on our mobile network and having quality video calls established between devices.