How To Speed Up 3G Connection On Android

Do you live in the area where the 4G connection is not available to you? Well not to worry as the 3G connection can serve all the purposes. 3G connection is still being used by large part of the users and this makes the internet more crowded with days. As the internet is becoming more demanding, it affects the speed, as a result, the 3G connection does not act as expected. What you can do is increase the speed of 3G connection. Yes. There are ways to boost the internet speed in your device. So, if you are interested in knowing how to increase internet speed on Android, keep on reading.

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How To Get Faster Data Speeds On Android

Before performing the steps ensure your device is rooted. Next download the Option.7z file and the Root Explorer or else ES File Explorer in your Android device. Now start the process.

  • First, download that Option.7z file and unzip it on your computer.
  • Next, connect the Android phone using a USB cable with the PC and copy that Option file in a location on the phone. Remember that location.
  • Then open the file explorer that you are using and give it to root privileges.
  • If you are using Root Explorer then it is ok but if ES File Explorer is being used for this job then Root Explorer is to be activated first from the menu.
  • The next task is to find out the Option file in Root Explorer or ES File Explorer on your Android phone and then copy that file by long pressing on it.
  • Go to the location System/etc/ppp in root explorer.
  • In case of Root Explorer, you are required to tap the Mount R/W button
  • Next, paste that Option file in the ppp folder there.
  • Now the Options file’s permission is to be changed. In the case of root explorer long press on the Option file, select permission and then r-w-r-r. But in the case of ES File Explorer long press on the Option file and go to Properties >Edit Permissions > deactivate the options Write, Set UID, Set GID, Stick Bit while activating all others.
  • Press OK then and reboot the device once.

It will most probably boost the speed of your 3G connection on Android.

This is how you can offer a great boost to the internet speed on your Android smartphone. However, if you notice no such difference in the speed and want to come back to the previous mode then just delete the Options file and that’s it.

Apart from the method mentioned above, there are many other things you can try that will bring some noticeable changes in the internet speed.

Clear the cache

Wondering how to get a faster data connection on Android? Well, go for clearing the cache in your device and it will offer a great boost to the internet speed. The bloated cache in the device occupies resources in your Smartphone thus slow down the device. So, head towards Settings > Storage and clear the cache.

Stop the images in your browser

The images take more time to load which eventually makes the internet slow, So, what you are suggested to do is turn the browser into Text only mode which is found in the settings menu of the browser. This will prevent the browser from loading any images thus makes the 3G connection much better in your Android Smartphone.

Download Opera Max

Opera Max is the most helpful browser that is able to optimize the steaming content effectively to make it lean thus enhance the internet speed.

Uninstall the memory hogging apps

All those apps that are not needed by you but still they are present in the device and is occupying great amount of storage space is always better to remove from the device.

So, these are the methods which will bring great changes in the internet speed in your Android phone and you will be able to accomplish all your task smoothly.

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