Sony Crackle not working – How to fix it

Being in three languages and available in around 21 countries, Sony Crackle (or just Crackle) is an over-the-top platform used for video streaming. It can be likened to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, although it is not as popular as the mentioned are. It is ad-supported and is completely free.

Like other Internet-based platforms, Crackle sometimes fails to live up to the expectations of its users. Because of a couple of reasons, it may experience video playback issues. The Crackle help center explains that these issues are caused by slow Internet speeds and a connection that keeps being interrupted.

This article is going to help you to know how to fix Sony crackle when it is not working as you expect it to work. At this point, it is assumed that you have a running account which you can open using your login credentials. These are some of the ways you can fix Crackle working problems:

  1. Restarting your device
  2. Check your network connection
  3. Disable ad-blockers
  4. Update the app or software
  5. Check your cabling (if any)
  6. Device reactivation
  7. Restarting your device

This is a universal solution to the many technical problems and that is why it is appearing first. Whether you’re using a phone, a tablet, a smart TV, a PC, or a PlayStation, you just need to off it than on it. Sometimes, Crackle just needs to freshen up a little bit through a restart.

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Check your network connection

Since Crackle is Internet-based, its working problems could be because of poor internet connectivity.

Your local connection is probably based on a remote and wireless network station. Check whether there are interfering barriers. Natural items such as rain could be an issue.

Disable ad-blockers

Crackle is free but it gets sustained by earnings from advertisements. Your local browser could be set such that ads that are popping up on Crackle get blocked. This makes Crackle developed hitches that make it not to work. Consider navigating to the settings of your browser and enabling ads on Crackle’s website. Also, your antivirus could be causing this with its web shield settings. Navigate to it and relax its rules on adblocking.

Update the app or software

The other reason why Sony Crackle may not be working well is that you are probably using a version that is not updated. Here are the links to the latest updates on some of the devices:

  1. Google Android
  2. Apple iOS
  3. Windows PC

Make sure the specifications (minimum requirements) of the app or software are met by the device that you are using. If not, you might want to upgrade your device.

Check your cabling (if any)

You may be streaming Crackle content from your website and then connecting your PC or laptop to a TV via HDMI. This is a way many people use to get more screen for enjoying shows, movies and series. If your HDMI cable is weak, you may think that Crackle is not working properly. You may need to purchase another one.

Device reactivation

To use Crackle, one needs to use an activation or verification code. Sometimes, the code that you are given may fail to work and so you are needed to reactivate it. Under ‘My Sony Crackle’, click on ‘Activation’. When a new code appears, use it to reactivate your device’s account. This could fix the problem.

It all goes down to this

You need to troubleshoot the problem. When you discover what it is, use any of the fixes above.

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