How To Solve Android Not Receiving Group Texts From An iPhone

Android and iPhone both have captured the market of the mobile world with their attractive features. But, many users have complained about Android not receiving group texts from iPhone. Users who recently switched to Android from iPhone are facing this problem. We are going to share several solutions that can help you set things in motion again, so hopefully, group messages will work just fine.

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Why is Android not receiving group texts from iPhone?

In the case of iPhone messages, iMessage works by routing iPhone to iPhone messages through Apple’s servers rather than sending them as actual text messages. So though you have left the iPhone and switched to Android, iMessage keeps on doing this until you deactivate it. And it becomes frustrating for the users who recently switched to Android from iPhone. Luckily, there is an easy way to deactivate this to solve the issue. Without further ado, let’s see the solutions.

Steps to fix Android not receiving group texts from iPhone

Solution No.1:

You are required to turn off iMessage for your number to resolve the issue. If you still have the old iPhone with you follow the below steps:

  • Take out the SIM card from the Android device and insert it into the iPhone
  • Next, on the iPhone, go to Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on Messages
  • You will get to see iMessage at the top, turn this option off
  • Take out the SIM card and insert it into the Android device
  • Now go to the Message’s icon on your new Android phone and send messages to some of your friends who are using iPhone and see if everything works fine.

Android Not Receiving Group Texts From iPhone


Solution No.2:

This method is helpful for those who have already sold out the old iPhone. You can still disable the iMessage by going to this link. Follow the steps for that:

  • Go to the above link
  • Enter your phone number in the available form
  • Click on Send code
  • You will receive a confirmation code on the phone
  • Enter it in the required place in the form again and then click Submit
  • That’s it, iMessage will be deactivated within 24 hours.


Additional workarounds:

If you disabled iMessage, but still experiencing a problem, keep on reading. Some of our readers shared some workarounds that did the trick for them.

If you just switched from iPhone to Android, all your contacts who are using an iPhone will have to change your phone number. When someone is entering a contact to iPhone, the number is added as iPhone by default. What they need to do is change your number from iPhone to mobile.

Another trick that worked for many is pretty simple. When group messages are not working for some reason, just delete the thread. It should start working again.


Discussion on  Android Not Receiving Group Texts From iPhone Problem



I have an android phone and recently (within the last week) my phone refuses to get group messages from iPhone users. I have never had an iPhone, but I went to the apple site to unregister my number. Apple said my number is not registered on imessage, which makes sense.

I feel like this happened a while back when the iPhone users named the group text. We solved it by un-naming the group. This is a stupid problem. Is there a smart solution for future named group messages?

Any other ideas on how I can fix this problem?



I have a Galaxy s6 edge and have the same problem, but only with some friends/group chats, while others work fine. It’s really weird. Anyway, in order to fix this problem, I’m seriously considering going iPhone next time I’m due for a phone. It’s really frustrating to have to send group messages through Facebook or in different ways if group texts don’t work right. It actually caused a pretty big fight within the family with some of the in-laws. I know it’s Apple’s fault, but sometimes if you can’t beat em, join em. Too bad, since IMO Android is better than iPhone. Too bad there’s no easy fix for group chats.


The solution will require some legwork. Tell all of your contacts to go I to your contact info and change your phone number from iphone to mobille. The iphones default to iPhone when entering contacts initially. This is helpful if you’ve never been on iphone.



After deregistering my iPhone number and turning off iMessage on an iPhone, I still see this issue occasionally. It seems to only happen with people that had texted me through iMessage when I had an iPhone and they still have one. This mainly shows up in group text where I can see anyone who hadn’t previously texted me in iMessage or people who we have done the following steps to resolve the issue.

I have found that it takes two steps to resolve this issue for me. This has to be done for every person who was included in a group text when you had iMessage.

1) Have the person change your phone number type from iPhone to Mobile in their contacts.
2) Have the person delete the entire group text thread.

I believe that with an existing group text, the iPhone continues to use iMessage if that is what it used previously without checking if your number is set to Mobile or if your number is valid in iMessage.

Good luck!



Same problem with my son’s Galaxy s7 Edge. He has never had an iPhone and cant receive some group messaging when generated by iPhone users. We will try the mobile vs iPhone contacts fix, but this is really absurd. One of the reasons I struggle to ever move back to Apple products.