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How to Solve Amazon Kindle App Crashing Problem

How to Solve Amazon Kindle App Crashing Problem 2

Amazon lunched Kindle application for the book lover in 2007. This electronic book reader app became very famous in a short time because of its well managed services and user friendliness. Amazon made this app distribution very smooth till date, and it is compatible in many different mobile devices. Nowadays, most of the people use android devices and Kindle app is available on their devices as well.

How to Solve Amazon Kindle App Crashing Problem

Amazon Kindle App Crashing
Amazon Kindle App Crashing Problem

But some users recently started facing issues with the app, and that is known as Amazon Kindle App crashing issue. It becomes so irritating that people blame on the mobile operating system, but the actual problem found on the App itself. When Amazon Kindle app crashing problem occurs it will take you back to the home screen automatically whenever you try to start the app. Here I am going to mention some steps, and you can follow them if you face the Kindle App crashing problem on your android device.

1. Whenever you are getting this issue first clear the cache of the app and restart your phone to check if the problem re-occurs.

2. Next thing is to clear the app data with the app cache from your android phone to solve Amazon Kindle App crashing problem. And do not forget to restart the device.

3. The very next thing you can try by un-installing and re-installing the app from Google Play store.

If the issue is still there, please execute the following steps which require a computer or laptop.

a. Open the Amazon site and de-register your device from the Amazon account.

b. Un-install the App from your android phone.

c. Turn off the Developer setting on the phone settings.

d. Restart the phone and check again if the Developer setting is off.

e. Go to Google Play Store and install the Kindle App once again.

f. Now register your account from App, and it should run in a correct way.


  1. Nope. Doesn’t work. Maybe they want you to buy a new device? Now I can’t read the book I just paid for. Time to go back to the old days of pulp. This is asinine.

  2. All your fix’s for Kindle crashing are for Android phones. I have an iPhone and kindle is crashing on it. Any fixes? I have done several hard restarts.

  3. This is weird. I was trying to move books into a collection. I had 24 novels that I wrote. Twenty moved into the collection just fine. (all mobi) Four made the Kindle app crash everytime. Same four everytime. I downloaded those files from my smashword account to see if perhaps my files were bad. That was not the problem. I followed your instructions here, cleared cache, restarted, etc. Deleted app from my Samsung Tab A, Reinstalled, etc.
    Still had the problem. Then I decided to experiment. I used Calibre to change those four books to awz format, and voila! they all work fine in the kindle app. ?????? Weird. But for what it’s worth. There it is.

  4. I tried the uninstall process and I noticed a msg flash quickly on my screen after reboot (before reinstall) that said “Amazon video has stopped responding”. Considering I had not started any apps yet, I was intrigued. So,
    1. Tried to load kindle – it loaded the main screen, then crashed
    2. Located Amazon video app and uninstalled
    3. Tried kindle app again and it loaded without issue – but had to resync
    No problems since. Have not reloaded Amz vid to test.

  5. Thank you! This worked. I was chatting with Amazon support for over an hour and they never once said to clear the app cache and data.

  6. What a pain, this is why i have 8 devices on my amazon account. I unregister my account and do it all over again. Maybe the devwloper of kindle could see the problem on their end.

  7. My kindle started crashing this morning. I tried your fix. When reloading the Kindle app to my ipad (first generation) I was told that the app could not be download to less than IOS 10.0. The nearest compatible version would not allow me to access my amazon account. So my ipad is now useless for reading books from amazon. The suggested workaround is to use safari to access my amazon account and read from the cloud while always connected wifi. Needless to say I am not happy with this. Especially as my internet access is intermittant since changing to NBN.
    So I will probably have to buy a new ipad or reader. I thought technology was supposed to be a tool to help – not something running my life.

    1. I am having the same problem with my older iPad. Luckily I received a kindle reader as a gift later so I have able to keep reading, but I miss the convenience of having my “book” in more than one room. I would like to know what set off the crashing problem.

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