How To Be Simultaneously Logged Into Multiple Accounts In Mozilla Firefox

Do you know there is the possibility of running multiple profiles in Mozilla Firefox at the same time? This feature can be very useful in cases when, for example, you and your family member want to have access to “Facebook” profiles in the same Mozilla Firefox window. Thanks to the great add-on in Mozilla Firefox, it is possible, because you can login into two “Facebook” profiles in two different tabs. This guide will show you how to be simultaneously logged into multiple accounts in Mozilla Firefox.

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How To Be Simultaneously Logged Into Multiple Accounts In Mozilla Firefox

If you want to be logged into different accounts in Mozilla Firefox you need to follow these instructions.

First you need to find and install “Multifox” add-on in Mozilla Firefox.

Go to Mozilla Firefox menu (icon in the form of three horizontal lines) and click on “add-ons”. There you need to click on “Get add-ons” and in the search box on the right, type “Multifox” and click on “Install”.

After the installation, on the top-right taskbar area, you will see “Multifox” icon.

When you press on it, you will see that the active profile is “Default”.

There is also a “New” button that allows you to create a new profile.  After clicking on the button “New” a new profile will be created. To edit it again, click on the icon and then click on “Edit” button next to “Profile 2”. There you can rename or delete the profile. To avoid confusion, choose a different name for “Profile 2”, for example, “Wife”. Just click on “Edit” < “Rename profile”, type “Wife” and click “OK”.

Now, the most interesting part. Open a new tab and choose “Default profile” pressing “Multifox” icon and go to Facebook, for example. Enter your login details. Then, open a new tab, choose the new profile – “Wife” in “Multifox”, go to Facebook, and enter her login details.

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