How To Configure The Cookies In Mozilla Firefox

Cookies are the special files, which store the data about the users on various sites. They keep passwords and login, and other settings of visited sites. By default, this feature is already turned on, but there are situations when it is necessary to adjust the cookies by yourself. It is important to know where they are and how to enable them. In this text, we will show you how to configure the cookies in Mozilla Firefox.

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How to configure the cookies in Mozilla Firefox


Enable cookies

So, in order to enable cookies in Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open the browser
  • Click on “Menu” at the top-right of the screen and find “Options”
  • A window will open, find the “Privacy” option in it and click on it
  • In this section, there is a block titled “History”
  • Select the option “Use custom settings for history”
  • This is where you can enable the cookies by putting the mark next to “accept cookies from sites”.


Unblock cookies

There are times when the site displays a message that it cannot work because the cookies are blocked or disabled. This happens because there is “Exceptions” button in the cookie preferences.

If a site is in the exceptions list, do the following:

  • Click on Exceptions and if you find the web site on the list, select it and click “Remove Site”
  • Click “Save changes” and restart the browser.

Remove the cookies

Cookies occupy a lot of space on your hard disk. And if the disc is almost completely clogged, they need to be removed.

Open the Menu and click on “History” < “Clear recent history” and choose from the drop down menu “Everything” and check only “Cookies”. Click on “Clear now”.

Tip! For quick access to cookie box in Mozilla, you can use hot keys ctrl + shift + del. “Removal of recent history” window appears after pressing this key combination.



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