Screen flickering on Samsung Galaxy S21/21 Plus? Here is how to fix it

Screen flickering issues can appear on every device, even the most powerful ones like Samsung Galaxy S21/21 Plus. The problem may seem like it is a hardware-related one, but that’s not always the case. You can try some simple workarounds to resolve the issue, and we will list them all below.

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Ways to fix Screen flickering on Samsung Galaxy S21/21 Plus

  • Perform a forced restart – as always, we will start with the simplest thing of all. The forced restart can fix many issues, including the screen flickering one. Press and hold power and the volume down buttons at the same time. Keep holding them until the Samsung logo shows up.
  • Disable Adaptive brightness – some users noticed that once they turn off Adaptive brightness, the flickering screen issue disappears in an instant. To turn it off, go to Settings > Display. Find the option and disable it.
  • Turn up the brightness – here is another trick that can resolve the problem. All you have to do is increase the level of brightness. To do that, go to Settings > Display. Find the brightness slider and move it to increase the level.
  • Safe mode – one of the third-party apps could be creating the issue. To check if that’s the case, boot the phone into Safe mode. If the flickering screen issue is gone, it means that one of the apps is to blame. The solution is to remove the apps one by one, but if that’s too much work for you, you can go for a factory data reset that will give your phone a fresh start. To boot the phone into Safe mode,  Press and hold the power off button and then press and hold the power icon once it appears. Keep holding it until Safe mode shows up. Tap on Safe mode. See how the phone behaves when in Safe mode. To exit the mode, restart the device the usual way.
  • Reset settings – this can be helpful. To reset all settings, go to Settings > General Management > Reset > Reset settings. Finally, tap Reset settings.
  • Factory reset – before performing a factory data reset, backup the files first because data reset erases everything on your phone, including apps, images, videos, etc. When the backup is created, go to Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset. Wait for the process to complete, and then set up your device as a new one.

If you tried all these solutions, but the screen keeps flickering, visit Samsung Service Center.

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