How To Reduce The RAM Usage In Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched in the market in 2012 and at that time it was a must have android phone to the smart phone lovers. Now many android phones have come but still today Galaxy S3 is one of the most adoptable phones among the users because of its lots of apps and features. However, recently, some of its owners has complained about the slow performance of this phone, which is happening because of huge RAM usage. As you accumulate more applications over time, the RAM gets occupied and the phone’s performance becomes sluggish. Phone lagging and freezing are among the symptoms that your Galaxy S3 is lacking internal storage.

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Therefore, it’s important to Reduce The RAM Usage In Samsung Galaxy S3. There are several ways for that. All you need to do is follow the below steps and Reduce The RAM Usage In Samsung Galaxy S3:

> Boot your Galaxy S3 to Safe mode to narrow down the problem.

> When the phone is in Safe mode, check the RAM usage. If you see that there is a significant change in the amount of RAM usage, then third party apps are the reason behind this problem. If you see the RAM usage is same and high in Safe mode also, then any pre-installed app or service is causing this problem.

> If third party apps are slowing down the performance of the phone by occupying RAM, then uninstall the one that you do not use and clear data and cache of the apps that left. Also close the Recent Apps by pressing and holding the Home button.

> If you see pre-installed apps are the cause, then backup all the important data and conduct factory reset.