How To Quick Launch The Camera On Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are still the main topic among smartphone lovers. Samsung did a splendid job with these two models, bringing fantastic design, hardware, and features. Everyone is impressed with both! If you already got one of these, it is essential to know as many tips as possible. That will ensure you use your device to the fullest and truly enjoy in every single thing you are doing.

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We already shared many useful S8 tips and tricks, but it is hard to put it all in just one post. This time, we are going to show you how to quick launch the camera on Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung made sure that you can achieve so much with the latest flagship. But, the company also made sure that you can use many features in the simplest way possible. The same goes for the camera.

In order to quick launch the camera on Samsung Galaxy S8, all you need to do is tap the Power button two times. Yes, you read it correctly, and yes, it is that simple.

how to quick launch the camera on Samsung Galaxy S8


This great trick makes things super simple, but the simplicity isn’t the only thing you will get. You know the story. We all have been there. There is something you want to capture, your cat playing, your baby laughing, a beautiful sunset, color of the sky, or any other moment you don’t want to forget.

By the time you unlock the phone, open the camera app and start shooting, the picture-perfect moment is gone. However, with this handy option, you won’t find yourself in that situation never again.

Anytime you want to capture a photo and you are in some sort of a hurry and don’t want to miss it, just quick launch the camera on Samsung Galaxy S8. You can be sure you won’t miss the perfect moment, and more – you will get a stunning photo!