Oppo and OnePlus Deny Rumors of Exiting European Markets

Both companies have officially denied the claims and reaffirmed their commitment to European markets..

Yesterday, rumors circulated that Oppo and OnePlus were planning to exit from key European markets, including Germany, France, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. However, both companies have officially denied the claims and reaffirmed their commitment to European markets.

In a statement to the media, OnePlus Global PR Manager James Patterson stated that OnePlus would not be leaving Europe or the UK and would continue to operate in local markets, investing in innovative products and solutions for users.

Similarly, an Oppo EU spokesperson also confirmed that the company has big plans for 2023 and is committed to all existing European markets. The spokesperson added that Oppo had a great start in 2023 with successful product launches in Europe and a line-up of upcoming products for the rest of the year.

The Oppo spokesperson's wording regarding the company's long-term commitment to Europe may seem puzzling, but it's too early to jump to any conclusions.

OnePlus recently launched its flagship OnePlus 11, which has received positive reviews for its all-around performance. Meanwhile, Oppo's Find X6 Pro, featuring three main cameras, was announced last week, but it is not being released outside of China. The Find N2 Flip is currently the only flagship-tier Oppo smartphone available in Europe.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Oppo and OnePlus in Europe, but for now, both companies appear committed to the region and to providing innovative products and services for their users.

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