OnePlus 12 Leaked: Chinese Flagship Successor Set For December Launch

By Bogdana Zujic
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In an exciting development for smartphone enthusiasts, OnePlus, the renowned Chinese tech company, is already hard at work on its successor to the OnePlus 11. The upcoming flagship device, aptly named OnePlus 12, is expected to hit the Chinese market in December, with a global release anticipated shortly thereafter, according to a reliable insider leak.

As of now, the OnePlus 12 exists in the form of an engineering sample, showcasing some impressive specifications. Powering the device is the cutting-edge Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, promising enhanced performance and efficiency. Users can expect a visually stunning experience with a sizable 6.7-inch QHD OLED touchscreen boasting a smooth 120 Hz refresh rate.

Battery longevity is set to impress, as the OnePlus 12 will house a robust 5,000 mAh battery. Notably, this device will support blazing-fast 100W wired charging, ensuring minimal downtime between uses.

The OnePlus 12 aims to elevate photography capabilities with its rear camera setup. The triple-camera system includes a groundbreaking 50 MP primary lens, accompanied by a 50 MP ultrawide lens. Additionally, the device will introduce a remarkable 64 MP periscope zoom camera, marking a first in the OnePlus lineup. This technology, however, has been previously employed by the parent company, Oppo. While these camera enhancements are noteworthy, the initial impression suggests that hardware improvements may be somewhat limited, with the screen size, resolution, and refresh rate remaining unchanged from its predecessor.

Given that the OnePlus 12's launch is still several months away, it is crucial to recognize that the device is still in its early stages of development. As a result, alterations and refinements may occur before its official release. Rest assured, we will continue to closely monitor this exciting project and provide you with additional details as they emerge.

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