WhatsApp's New Secret Code Feature: Your Chats, Your Privacy

Key Points
  • WhatsApp introduces "secret code" feature for enhanced chat privacy, allowing users to set unique passwords for their locked chats.
  • Users can customize their secret code using letters, numbers, special characters, and emojis, and also choose whether to display their locked chats in their main chat list.
  • This update reflects WhatsApp's ongoing commitment to providing users with greater control over the confidentiality of their conversations and further prioritizing privacy and security in their messaging platform.
  • WhatsApp has just upped its privacy game with a cool new feature called "secret code." It's an extra layer of protection for your locked chats. Previously, the app rolled out Chat Lock, which allowed users to secure their chats in a dedicated folder accessible only with their device password, face ID, or fingerprint. The addition of the secret code feature fulfills an earlier promise by Meta to enable users to establish a custom password for their chats, distinct from their device unlock code.

    Meta's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the launch of secret codes on his WhatsApp Channel. He emphasized that users can now make their locked chats visible only by entering the secret code in the search bar, guaranteeing maximum privacy and confidentiality for their most sensitive conversations.

    With the secret code, users can set a unique password, different from their device unlock code. Therefore, it makes them harder to discover by unauthorized individuals who may have access to their phone. This means your private conversations are even more secure and harder to find if someone gets hold of your phone.And the best part? You can even use letters, numbers, special characters, and emojis to create your secret code – talk about customization!

    WhatsApp Secret Code Feature. Credit. WhatsApp

    WhatsApp has also made it easier to lock your chats. Instead of diving into settings, now you can simply long-press on a conversation to lock it. Plus, if you prefer to show your locked chats in your chat list, that's still an option as well.

    This new feature is rolling out today, with global availability coming in the next few months. It's all part of WhatsApp's ongoing commitment to enhancing user privacy and security.

    So, get ready to add an extra layer of protection to your WhatsApp chats with the secret code feature. Your privacy, your control – it's all about keeping your conversations safe and sound.

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