Elizabeth Kartini

Elizabeth is the senior technology editor at Technobezz, a role she's held since 2013. an Apple product connoisseur with an extensive background as an Apple authorized expert. Throughout her career, she has also developed a deep expertise in mobile technology, including Samsung and Android devices. Her journey in the tech world is marked by a steadfast commitment to providing precise and current insights into Apple, Samsung, and Android ecosystems.

With a fine-tuned eye for detail and an enduring passion for the latest in mobile technology, Elizabeth has become a trusted voice for guidance and advice in navigating the intricacies of these platforms.


Before focusing on tech at Technobezz, Elizabeth taught math and worked at a local tabloid. Her varied background, from teaching to journalism, adds depth to her understanding of tech trends and consumer electronics.


When she's not working, Elizabeth enjoys simpler pleasures. She often spends her downtime reading, playing with her cat, diving into video games, or traveling to new places. These activities provide a welcome balance to her professional life.