Meta AI Unlocks Creative Chats and Expands Possibilities

Key Points
  • Now available on primary messenger apps in the US—WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram—Meta AI facilitates user interaction.
  • Users are exploring the text-to-image features, with the new "reimagine" on Messenger and Instagram allowing friends to add text prompts to AI-generated images in group chats.
  • Beyond chats, Meta AI assists in discovering Reels, aids in content creation on Facebook, and provides AI-generated suggestions, showcasing its diverse capabilities.
  • Meta has introduced its virtual assistant, Meta AI, for users in the US across its primary messenger apps. You can now engage with Meta AI on WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram by starting a new message and selecting "Create an AI chat." Additionally, in group chats, simply type @MetaAI followed by the command. For Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses users, a simple "Hey Meta" out loud will do the trick.

    Users are particularly enjoying the text-to-image generation features. On Messenger and Instagram, a new feature called "reimagine" allows friends in group chats to build upon AI-generated images with text prompts. By pressing and holding on to the image, friends can iterate and revise with additional text.

    Meta AI, credit: Meta

    Moreover, Meta AI has expanded its capabilities. Users can now discover Reels by requesting relevant videos in a Meta AI chat. On Facebook, the assistant assists in creating birthday greetings, editing Feed posts, and drafting introductions for Facebook Dating profiles.

    Meta is also testing ways to easily create and share AI-generated images on Facebook, such as converting images from landscape to portrait orientation for easier sharing on Stories.

    Meta AI is not confined to chats; it extends its influence beyond. The LLM tech behind the assistant is offering AI-generated suggestions for post comments, community chat topics in groups, search results, and even enhancing product descriptions in Shops. Creators part of the test can now efficiently respond to community messages with Meta AI's assistance, as it helps draft relevant replies for DMs.

    As Meta explores the potential of AI, they share that there's a lot more to discover. Keep an eye out for further updates in the new year.

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