Google Waves Goodbye to Play Movies & TV

Key Points
  • Google is discontinuing the Play Movies & TV app on Android TV.
  • The transition away from the app will occur gradually in the coming weeks, depending on location.
  • Starting January 17, 2024, users can access purchased content on platforms like Android TV, Google TV, and YouTube.
  • In the changing world of Google apps, one more change takes center stage as Google announced the discontinuation of Google Play Movies & TV earlier this year.

    The final piece of this puzzle discloses the app's termination date as October 5 for Android TV users. Now, Google shares insights on how users can continue accessing their purchased content even after the app bids its farewell on January 17, 2024.

    Firstly, Google Play Movies & TV will gradually fade away from Android TV devices and the Google Play website in the upcoming weeks, varying by location.

    Post-January 17, 2024, users will retain access to their previously purchased titles on Android TV devices, Google TV devices, the Google TV mobile app (available on Android and iOS), and YouTube.

    For those on TVs and streaming devices powered by Android TV, the Shop tab becomes the new hub for watching purchased titles or acquiring new movies, all accessible in the Your Library section.

    Cable boxes or set-top boxes powered by Android TV will transition to using the YouTube app for viewing purchased titles or engaging in new movie transactions.

    Meanwhile, web browser users will find their haven on YouTube, where previously purchased titles and new movie options can be explored.

    The clock is ticking until January 17, 2024, providing users with time to adapt to the impending absence of Android TV's Google Play Movies & TV app. Change is on the horizon, and Google users are urged to prepare for a new era.

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