Apple Reintroduces Swipe Gesture for Apple Watch Faces in watchOS 10.2 Beta

Key Points
  • Apple has reintroduced the swipe gesture for switching between different watch faces in the latest watchOS 10.2 beta, a feature removed with the watchOS 10 update.
  • The decision to bring back the swipe gesture reflects Apple's responsiveness to user feedback and preferences, indicating a commitment to refining the Apple Watch experience.
  • While the swipe gesture is not enabled by default in the beta, users can manually activate it through the Apple Watch Settings app under Settings > Clock, showcasing Apple's emphasis on user customization.
  • In a welcomed move, Apple has reintroduced a familiar feature with the latest watchOS 10.2 beta for Apple Watch users. This release brings back the swipe gesture for swiftly switching between different watch faces, a functionality removed with the upgrade to watchOS 10.

    Initially featured in watchOS 9, the swipe gesture for changing watch faces became a casualty of the watchOS 10 update due to user complaints about accidental switches. However, Apple seems to have acknowledged the demand for this convenient feature, and watchOS 10.2 beta 3 allows users to opt for its return.

    Once activated through the Apple Watch Settings app under Settings > Clock, the swipe gesture allows users to scroll through their pre-set watch faces effortlessly by swiping left or right on the watch screen. This feature aims to enhance the user experience by providing a more intuitive and quick interaction method with the watch's interface.

    Users were dismayed when Apple removed this functionality, and some even submitted complaints during the initial watchOS 10 betas. Apple had initially insisted that the removal was intentional. However, the latest beta release indicates a shift in response to user feedback.

    Notably, the swipe gesture is not enabled by default in the watchOS 10.2 beta. Users interested in restoring this feature need to manually activate it in the Clock settings on the Apple Watch; it is not accessible through the Watch app on the iPhone. Despite this, the return of the swipe gesture has been met with enthusiasm from users who missed its efficiency.

    The watchOS 10.2 beta is currently available for developers and public beta testers, with expectations for a public launch in December. Apple's decision to return the swipe gesture showcases its commitment to refining and tailoring the Apple Watch experience based on user preferences and feedback.

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