LG G2 Tips And Tricks To Help You To Get More From Your Phone

There is no doubt that android is the most acceptable smartphone by the smartphone lovers and LG G2 is one of them. The phone comes with many interesting features but if you know to use those features properly, then you can take full advantage of it. So, if you have bought this smartphone or planning to get one soon, then here are some LG G2 tips and tricks to help you to get more from your phone.

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LG G2 tips and tricks

Steps to use dual camera

Many of you may be wondering after hearing that video or photos can be taken in your LG G2 using the rear-facing and front-facing camera at the same time. The reason is, the camera will allow you to add a snap of yourself at the bottom side right corner of the main shot. All you need to do is, touch Mode button in camera and then the Dual camera options needs to be selected. You can drag the viewfinder and resize it by tapping and holding.

LG G2 tips and tricks-camera

Steps to take full screen photos

LG G2 comes with a 13mp camera which can take photos in 4:3 ratio by default. But the ratio can be changed, so if you want to take shots of full screen, simply navigate to Camera app > Settings > W10M > select 4160 x 2340 (16:9) resolution.

Tips to use Smart Screen

Sometimes it happens that you are still looking at your LG G2 screen but the screen time goes out. The situation is very annoying but the good news is you can stop it by turning on Smart Screen feature. This feature allows your phone to use the phone camera in order to check if the user is looking at the screen before the screen decides to turn off. To turn this feature on, go to Settings > Display > Smart on > Smart Screen (turn it on). Now when you are looking at your LG G2 phone the screen time will not go off but one thing this feature does not work in dark places because it cannot detect face.

How to open app when you plug in the headphones

This is one of the best LG G2 tips and tricks as it does not require to manually select app when you plug in the headphones for listening to music. To set it, go to Settings > General > Accessory > Ear phone which you will find under App panel. Edit App panel option is also there and you can choose it to get your preferred apps pop up whenever you plug in the headphone. So you can start listening to favorite music faster.

Steps to change app icons

If you get bored seeing the same app icons, you can change it now. Besides changing the apps icon, you can also resize them. To do that, tap on an app and hold it, then leave it and an option will be shown to you at the top right of the icon with your icon choices. Now you can change the app icon and also the dimension of the app can be changed.

Steps to use Knock On to tap the screen to wake it up

With the use of Knock On feature you can wake the LG G2 up and also can put it back to sleep by knocking twice on an empty space on home screen or status bar. This feature of LG G2 is very useful because the physical buttons are placed on the back side of the phone. To get this feature, go to Settings > General > Gestures > and the Knockon. For first few days, you may need little practice to get it work every time.

LG G2 tips and tricks-knockon

Ways to theme your messaging

Open the messaging app on your LG G2, then go to Menu > Settings > Conversation Theme, you will get option to choose different wallpapers and preset themes for text messages. Different themes can also be set up for different contacts. From the Google Play store you can download more themes.

LG G2 tips and tricks-message

So these are some LG G2 tips and tricks that will help you to get more in your phone.

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