Is It True That Yu Yutopia, The Most Powerful Phone Ever?

Every year, maybe even every month, we find man new, powerful smartphones released. Many of them have a great performance in benchmark processor, like the one we have discussed: Meizu Pro 5, which beats Galaxy Note 5 and iPhone 6s in terms of benchmark Geekbench version 3. The benchmark is one of the quantity measurements to compare the performance of the smartphones. The benchmark has become one of the weapons for vendors to convince the public that their smartphone has a great performance. They usually explain it on their website or sponsored blog websites.

It becomes interesting if they write the explanation of how powerful the smartphone is, on its box. This is what the Micromax’s subsidiary done with their flagship smartphone: Yu Yutopia. This vendor, who will make their smartphone in India, confidentially said that their flagship smartphone, Yu Yutopia is the most powerful phone ever. But how this device can become the most powerful phone ever? What is the quantity tool used to measure it? Is it benchmark?



This question cannot be answered objectively, considering that this smartphone will be released at a Diwali event in India next month. But, according to the leaked benchmark earlier this month, Yu Yutopia uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 chipset, 32GB of internal memory, 5.2-inch display, 21-Megapixel rear camera and 8-Megapixel front-facing camera. There are two variants for this smartphone: 3GB of RAM with a 1080p display and 4GB of RAM with a 2K display. Wait! Snapdragon 810? The same processor on Nexus 6P, which was announced at Nexus event, today. Can it compete with Nexus 6P with the same processor? Or the leaked benchmark of Yu Yutopia isn’t its benchmark?

At this moment, the fastest processor is Snapdragon 820, and it’s not applied in any smartphone yet. In the tweet of Yu founder, Rahul Sharma last week, he called it “the real beast.”

Actually, Xiaomi Note Pro also uses the latest technology: Snapdragon 810 v2.1. So, if Yu Yutopia uses the Snapdragon 810, we are curious about the statement of “The Most Powerful Phone Ever.” Sometime the smartphone is called powerful not because has the fastest benchmark, but the overall technology that is adopted. We need to change our understanding of the word “powerful” for a smartphone.


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