The iPhone XS is one of the recent offerings from Apple and boasts of some of the most intriguing features. Whether it is the OLED display, adequate storage space, an excellent camera, or the A12 Bionic processor, you will enjoy your time fiddling with the features of this phone. However, even the best phones come with their share of troubles, and this one is not an exception. A lot of people have reported some issues while using this device. Knowing some of the quick fixes can help you tackle them with ease.

Common iPhone XS issues and how to fix them

Problem 1: The phone does not charge

Many people have encountered this problem on their iPhone XS device when they plug it with the cable or the charger to be used for charging it. The issues can manifest in several ways. In some devices, the charging fails to initiate when the phone stays in sleep mode; for many, the charging process begins when they tap on the phone.

Method 1: Checking the version of the iOS

  1. Check if the device has the latest version of the software iOS 12.0 that Apple has released for the iPhones and the iPad.
  2. If you face trouble while charging the phone, you can go to the Settings to General and Software Update to ensure that your phone uses the latest software version.
  3. The charging issues can be fixed as soon as you go for a software update.



iPhone XS Issues ios 12 update

Problem 2: Issues with the Face ID

The iPhone XS has a Face ID instead of a touchscreen feature and lets you unlock the phone. However, issues with Face ID are common on this device especially setting it up for the first time. Checking a few methods may help you overcome this issue.

Method 1: Setting the Face ID correctly

  1. If the device fails to register your face for the Face ID option, you must check whether you are scanning it in a properly lit room.
  2. Often, users face trouble with the feature after setting the Face ID; if you find it difficult to unlock the phone with your face, looking at the screen actively unlocks it quickly. The phone needs to get your attention to work properly.
  3. The Face ID may learn your face once when you set it up, so it might not register constant changes in your appearance.
  4. If the issues continue after this, you can contact Apple Support or take it to an authorized service center.

iPhone XS Issues Face ID

Problem 3: Slow Wi-Fi and data speed

Most people have noticed that the data and the Wi-Fi speeds are much slower than rated when connected to the mobile.

Method 1: Tweaking the settings

  1. Visit the Settings and then go to General, Reset and finally Reset Network Settings to change or re-enter the password of Wi-Fi and it may be enough to help you get back the speed.
  2. Issues in the software can also lead to this trouble, so it is worth checking whether you are using the latest version of the software on the device.

Problem 4: Bluetooth Connectivity

The iPhone XS featured Bluetooth 5.0 during the launch, and it has been there for months for some backgrounds to strengthen the technological improvements. With this option of Bluetooth, you can expect better speed and range, making it easy to transfer data. Just like every other feature, this one comes with downsides as well. Many users have faced trouble connecting with another device through Bluetooth. If you stumble upon the same problem on this device, a few steps may alleviate this issue.

Method 1: Turning the Bluetooth on and off

  1. You can visit Settings from the home screen and choose Bluetooth to turn it OFF.
  2. After waiting for a few seconds, you can toggle on the switch to put it ON.
  3. If turning the Bluetooth on and off does not resolve the issue of connectivity, you can go for updating with the latest version of iOS 12.0 to check if it persists.
  4. You can revisit Settings, tap on General, and select Software Update for a software update. After this, you can install the updates on the device easily.

iPhone XS Issues Bluetooth

Problem 5: The camera smoothing process is harsh

The process seems harsh when you try to smooth the subject of the selfie. The problem boils down to how the new camera is functioning.

Method 1: Making a few changes in the camera

  1. Turning off the smart HDR can reduce the primary camera's aggressive effect, although it may not create a similar impact on the front-facing camera.
  2. You can also check some of the best apps available for the camera to check whether you can change the results.

Problem 6: Battery running out constantly

Even though Apple has been working to improve the battery life of its iPhone devices over the years, it appears that the company has a long way to go. You will come across a helpful feature in iOS 12 called Battery Health that Apple has introduced and shows you the battery usage breakdown. Several owners of the iPhone XS are still complaining about the draining charge from this device. Finding out how the charge may run out and checking the quick fix can help.

Method 1: Checking the apps to determine the quick draining charge

  1. Go to Settings on the device and choose Battery to get a list of all the apps that may consume the device's power.
  2. Find out those apps that are killing the charge on your device and shut them down.


iPhone XS Issues Battery

Method 2: Turning off Background App Refresh

  1. To turn it off, you need to visit Settings and hit General followed by Background Refresh App and check whether the problem still exists.
  2. Backing up the device using iCloud or iTunes can also help you overcome the issue of draining charge.

Problem 7: iCloud Restore problems in the device

If the new iPhone XS device gets stuck midway when you try to update the settings of iCloud, you may need to carry out a hard reset to resolve this crisis.

Method 1: Carrying out a hard reset

  1. You have to force the iPhone XS to restart at first by pressing Volume Up and Down and let it go.
  2. Try to press and hold on to the Side button until the appearance of the Apple logo.
  3. The device should try to reboot at this point and once it gains the power back, you can try the process of updating iCloud again to check if you are successful.
  4. To restore the process, you can also create a kind of local backup on the computer and try it again.
  5. Checking the guide Apple has released is worth noting if you cannot figure out the problem yourself.

Problem 8: Wi-Fi connectivity issues

Several users of the iPhone XS have reported that the device takes time to connect to the Wi-Fi network or often fails to connect at all. The problems in the Wi-Fi network are common with the iOS devices as they appear whenever Apple releases a software update. Performing a hard reset may resolve the problem of Wi-Fi connectivity and you can always give it a shot. However, the hard reset you have performed in the previous models will not apply for this device.

Method 1: Hard reset of iPhone XS

  1. You have to press and release the Volume Up button on this device.
  2. Follow it up with the press and release of Volume Down button.
  3. You have to hold on to the Side button until you see the logo of Apple.
  4. Just remember that hard reset on this device will also help you tackle other major issues on the device such as unresponsive screen or crash of the apps.


Method 2: Resetting the network settings

If a hard Reset fails to restore the Wi-Fi connectivity on this device, you can try to reset the network settings.

  1. To rest the network settings, you must visit Settings on the device, tap on General, and choose Reset.
  2. After this, you have to select the option Reset Network Settings and then wait for the process to complete, which can take several minutes. With this, the current network settings can go back to the default settings, and you may need to set up everything from the beginning.
  3. If the Wi-Fi connectivity does not restore, you can try to restart the router and connect the iPhone XS again after this procedure.


Problem 9: Sound issues in the iPhone XS

The sound you get from the stereo speakers of this device should be crisp and loud. However, the sound might appear cracked or muffled. Trying a few things can also help you restore the issue of sound.

Method 1: Restarting or hard resetting the device

  1. Restarting the iPhone XS or hard resetting the phone can eliminate the cracking sound issue.
  2. If you still notice the problem, you can try to turn the Bluetooth ON and OFF, and if it fails, you have to check for debris blocking the Lightning Dock or speaker grille.

Method 2: Removing the case or switching the LTE

If you are using a case for the device, you can try to remove it or switch the LTE to check the issue of cracking sound on the device.

  1. Go to Settings and tap Cellular.
  2. Tap the Cellular Data option on the device and tap on enable LTE.
  3. Tap Data Only
  4. If the microphone is still muffled, restoring the device from backup can solve the problem. When it fails to perform, you may have to get in touch with Apple to determine whether a hardware issue is stopping you from getting quality sound on this device.

Problem 10: Screen burn-in issues

The iPhone XS comes with an OLED display. Even though the display is attractive, it is susceptible to the issue of burning in. If the display of the device is left on for a long period, you might find the static images such as the app icons burning on to the screen. This issue can impact the device if you are not careful. Although software updates can resolve this issue, there are other methods to ensure that screen burn-in never occurs again.

Method 1: Changing the screen turn-off time

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select the option Display & Brightness.
  3. Go to Auto-Lock to choose a shorter turn-off time.

Method 2: Adjusting the brightness of the screen

  1. After pulling up the Control Center from the top right of the device, you have to adjust it manually with the help of a screen slider.
  2. After this, you must turn ON the Auto-Brightness after going to Settings, General, Accessibility, Display, and Accommodations.

Problem 11: Cellular Data issues

This is another problem troubling the users of the iPhone XS device. You might come across the “No Service” symbol and try to restart the device to check if it is gone. Checking with the customer service line of the service provider can also help you to figure out the issue.

Method 1: Toggling the data

You can try to toggle the cellular data if the Airplane Mode does not work.

  1. Visit Settings and tap the Cellular and Cellular Data options.
  2. Tap to enable the LTE.
  3. Toggle the data Off

Method 2: Turn off the cellular data without turning off the other devices

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Cellular and Cellular Data
  3. Toggle the data off.

Ending the issues


The common fixes available for resolving issues on iPhones are easy, and you can try to give them a shot. Restarting the phone, installing the software updates, and hard resetting the device can resolve a few of these issues you may face. You can also try to visit the support center of Apple for more information or visit a service center if you cannot apply the quick fixes.

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