iPhone 16 Could Feature Under-Display ID When It Releases In 2024

Prominent Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo feels that the iPhone series might not get under-display camera for Face ID till 2024. .

Prominent Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo feels that the iPhone series might not get an under-display camera for Face ID till 2024. Kuo is of the opinion that the notch in the iPhone and whatever replacement is offered for it in the near future will be taken over by the under-display version.

Ross Young, a DSCC analyst, posted a tweet stating that Apple will soon develop an under-display version of Face ID for the iPhone 16. On Saturday, Kuo tweeted that he believes in the same. On Twitter, Kuo wrote, “Under-display Face ID coming in 2024 (iPhone 16)”.

Kuo also offered an explanation for why this technology will be introduced with this particular model. He stated that Apple has arrived upon this time schedule to incorporate this technology, not because of any technical challenge but to get enough time to publicize this news. Kuo didn’t share more details but seemed to be very confident about his prediction.

In the next couple of months, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max shall release with a pill-shaped hole and a hole-punch cutout. These two holes would serve as a replacement for the large-sized notch. The iPhone 14 series would, therefore, feature a more minimalistic design.

Apple has a reputation for retaining a particular design for at least two years. Therefore, if the reports about the company incorporating the pill and hole-punch cutouts in the iPhone 14 series prove to be true, one can assume that Apple will use this design for two iPhone generations. Last month, Young put forward a proposal regarding Apple using the pill and hole design for the iPhone 15 series as well.

Earlier, Kuo had predicted that Apple would launch an under-display system for its iPhone series in 2023. Meanwhile, Samsung Display is working on developing an under-panel technology that would enable users to camouflage the Face ID modules in iPhones to be launched in the future.

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