How To Unlock Samsung Phones Using Unlock Codes

This post is for all Samsung models including Galaxy series and this guide will work for phones those are locked to networks in Asia, Australia, USA, Europe, Canada and Latin America.

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How to know if your phone is locked to a network?

Insert a SIM card of a different network in your Samsung phone and then turn it on. It will show you the following messages if it is locked to a specific network:

  • Network lock
  • SIM network unlock PIN
  • SIM password
  • SP lock
  • Phone freezes SIM unavailable

You cannot unlock your Samsung phone using unlock code if the phone is hard locked. To know that insert a SIM from a different network in your phone and turn it on. If the phone is hard locked, it will show you a message “Network lock with a SOS or Dismiss button”.

How to purchase unlocking service

Many websites are there that offer unlocking service and FastGSM is one of them. To buy unlock codes you need to provide your IMEI number and to get the number type *#06# in the dialer. The IMEI number will be displayed to you. Submit the number to the website from where you are buying the unlock code. They will send you the unlock code through email.

How To Unlock Samsung Phones Using Unlock Codes_IMEI

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How to unlock your phone if you have the unlock code

If you see Enter network lock control key or SIM network Unlock PIN in the screen, then

> Enter the unlock code

> Click or touch Unlock

> If a message “Unsuccessful” is shown to you that means you tried several times to enter the unlock code but failed. In such case type *2767*3855# to reset your phone and wait for some time until your phone is restarted.

> Enter your Unfreeze code (MCK) into the SIM network unlock PIN screen.

> It will show you a message “Unsuccessful” but do not worry.

> Now enter your unlock code and then touch Unlock.

How To Unlock Samsung Phones Using Unlock Codes_SIM network

If you see Network lock screen:

> You will be asked to enter your Unlock code.

> Enter the code and the phone should be unlocked without any issue.


If Invalid SIM card is shown to the screen:

> Type the below-mentioned code (Replace Network (NCK) with the actual code)

> #0111*Network (NCK)#


If Phone freeze is shown on the screen when you tried to use a SIM from a different network then:

> If this message is shown to you that means too many failed attempts have done to enter the unlock code.

> Do not worry, you can still unlock your Samsung phone using the Unfreeze code.

> You need to type the Unfreeze code (MCK) in the Phone freeze screen if your phone has a physical keypad. It will not show anything. But if nothing happens, then you can press the Call key or # after typing the code.

> If you are using a Samsung phone that has a touch screen, then touch Call on the Phone freeze screen and then type in the Unfreeze code (MCK).

> You will see SP lock or Network lock screen once phone freeze is disabled. Then you need to follow the instructions for SP lock or Network lock in order to unlock your phone.


If Phone locked, return for service is shown on the screen

> Type the below-mentioned code (enter your actual code in the place of Unfreeze (MCK))

> #0199*Unfreeze (MCK)#


If you see SP lock screen

> You will be asked for the SPCK code

> Enter that and your phone will be unlocked.


If SIM password is shown on the screen:

> When prompted, enter your unfreeze code and the phone will get unlocked.


If SIM lock-enter password is shown on the screen:

> Type the below-mentioned code (enter your actual code in the place Unfreeze (MCK))

> #0149*Unfreeze (MCK)#


If you see “Network Unlock PIN……contact your service provider” on screen:

> Turn on your Samsung phone without inserting the SIM card in it

> Dial #7465625638#

> Enter your Unfreeze code (MCK)

> A message will be shown to you “Unsuccessful” but there is nothing to worry.

> Now you need to enter the Network unlock code.

So if you want to unlock your Samsung phone, check which message is showing to you and then follow the steps accordingly.


Unlock your phone or tablet with Unlock Authority

Unlock Authority is one of the best unlocking service providers. So, you can unlock your device with ease with Unlock Authority.

Visit the company’s website, fill the form and wait for the code that will be sent to your email address. When you get the code, enter it and you will have an unlocked device. In other words, when you unlock the phone you can use it with any GSM card.

Many people are wondering if this kind of process can damage the phone or void the warranty. With Unlock Authority, you don’t have to worry about a thing. The unlocking will not damage your phone, and it won’t void the warranty.


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