Samsung Network Unlock Code (SIM Card Lock)

What to do when your Samsung galaxy phone is Network locked? This article will provide you with different methods

What to do when your Samsung galaxy phone is Network locked? This article will provide you with different methods to unlock your Samsung Galaxy phone. 

How to know if your Samsung Galaxy Phone is locked to a network?

Samsung does not lock any of its devices to any particular network. You will need to contact the original service provider or retailer to request an unlock code.

Some service providers may allow you to unlock the device for a small charge or for free, whereas others may not allow the device to be unlocked at all.

Insert a SIM card of a different network in your Samsung phone and then turn it on. It will show you one of the following messages if it is locked to a specific network:

  • "Network lock"
  • "SIM network unlock PIN"
  • "SIM password"
  • "SP lock"
  • "Phone freezes SIM unavailable"

You cannot unlock your Samsung phone using unlock codes if the Phone is hard-locked. 

If the phone is hard locked, it will show you the message "Network lock with an SOS or Dismiss button."

Samsung Galaxy SIM Card Unlock 

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Select Biometrics and security
  • Tap on Other security settings
  • Tap "Set up SIM card lock."
  • Tap "Lock SIM card
  • Enter your SIM card PIN
  • (Note: The default PIN is 1234)


Samsung Galaxy Network Unlock Codes

If you see "Enter network lock control key" or "SIM Network Unlock PIN" on the screen.

If a message "Unsuccessful" appears, you have tried to enter the unlock code several times.

In such a case, enter

  • *2767*3855# to reset your Phone.
  • Enter your Unfreeze code (MCK) into the SIM network unlock PIN.
  • It will show you a message "Unsuccessful," which is expected.
  • Now, enter your unlock code and then tap Unlock.

How To Unlock Samsung Phones Using Unlock Codes_SIM network


If an Invalid SIM card message appears on the screen:

  • Enter the code below (Replace Network (NCK) with the actual code)
  • #0111*Network (NCK)#


If a Phone freeze message appeared on the screen when you tried to use a SIM from a different network, then:

  • You need to type the Unfreeze code (MCK) in the "Phone freeze screen" section. If nothing happens, you can tap the Call button or # after entering the code.


If the SP lock message appears:

  • You will be asked for the SPCK code
  • Enter the SPCK code.


If the SIM password message appears:

  • When prompted, enter your unfreeze code, and the phone will be unlocked.


If the SIM lock-enter password message appears:

  • Enter the code below (enter your actual code in (MCK))
  • #0149*Unfreeze (MCK)#


If the "Network Unlock PIN……contact your service provider" message appears:

  • Turn on your Samsung phone without inserting the SIM card.
  • Dial #7465625638#
  • Enter your Unfreeze code (MCK)
  • A message will appear: "Unsuccessful."
  • Now, you need to enter the Network unlock code.



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