How to unfriend on Houseparty

In this article, you are going to learn and find out how to unfriend someone on Houseparty if you no longer want to be connected with that person in this app. This process is very simple, easy and it will not take much of your time. So, without further ado, let’s start with the explanation.

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Steps to unfriending someone on Houseparty

The following steps are the same for all kinds of devices. You will be able to follow them on any kind of device that you might be using. So, let’s start right away:

  • You will have to open up the Houseparty application in order to continue doing these steps.
  • Go to the Friends list by clicking on the little smiley face logo that is located somewhere on the left side of your device’s screen.
  • Browse through your friends’ list until you find a friend that you want to unfriend. When you do find that person, open a chat with them to continue.
  • When the chat shows up on your screen (even if you never had a conversation with them in the Houseparty) you should be able to see their name at the top of the chat, and a small gear button right next to their name. Click on that gear icon to open up a small pop-up menu with different kinds of options and settings.
  • And, when you are able to see that pop-up message, find the Unfriend option there. That option should be located somewhere in the middle of that menu. Tap on that option in order to continue with the unfriending process.
  • A small pop-up message should show up on your screen asking you whether or not you are sure that you want to unfriend that person. Confirm that by clicking on the Unfriend button that is located at the end of that message once again.

You will no longer have that person in your friends’ list on the Houseparty app from now on. Of course, you will always have the ability to add them as a friend again whenever you want to. But from now on, they will not be able to send you messages or start a conversation with you unless you approve that. And that is basically it, you have now unfriended a person on the Houseparty application.

If you are having some kind of problems while trying to unfriend a person

Well firstly, go and read all of the steps from the first paragraph once again to see if you have maybe missed or skipped some steps.

And, if you cannot find or see the Unfriend button in that menu, only one thing could have caused that. There is a chance that that person has unfriended you before you got to unfriend them, and that is why you cannot see the Unfriend button in that pop-up menu. So, you are already not friends with that person, they saved you the trouble.

Sometimes, platforms like this one tend to crash often due to many people using them at the same time, and that may be the reason why you cannot unfriend that person right now. The app just stops working, and some options become unavailable to the users. You cannot really do anything about that. Just be patient, wait for a little, even contact some of your friends and ask them if they are experiencing the same issue, or if it’s just your problem. You can even consider contacting Houseparty’s staff to get some more information about this issue, and some more directions or possible solutions to this problem that you are experiencing.

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