How to start a thread on Reddit

Reddit is a platform where you are able to have online discussions and debates with people all around the world. It is one of the most used platforms in this era. Reddit is, as some call it, one huge internet forum that has all the answers that you need. It is also, better than any other media or newspaper because information on Reddit is being shared really, really fast. Some users also call Reddit the “first page of the internet”, and that statement is somewhat true, because, as we already mentioned, you are able to get the answers to almost anything on Reddit.

Reddit community is separated into many smaller groups (subreddits), based on the topic that is being discussed there. And if you are new to Reddit and cannot yet get the hang of it, we are here to help! We will be teaching you how you can start your own thread on Reddit and therefore begin your first online discussion with other Reddit users all around the world!

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Steps to starting your own thread on Reddit

If you are using Reddit on your phone, make sure that you have the Reddit app installed in it. The steps for starting a thread on your phone and on your computer are pretty much the same, so you can follow them, and you do not have to worry about the device that you are using.

  • First, open Reddit (open the app, or open it in your browser), and log into your account.
  • When the Home page opens, look for the Search Reddit box that is located somewhere in the top right corner of your screen. You should search for the topic that you want to post about.
  • When the search results come out, click on the Subreddit group which matches your description an open it.
  • Find the Submit a New Text Post button and click on it.
  • You will get a new window opened on your screen. There you will be able to give a name to the thread that you are starting, and you can also give it some kind of an additional description if needed. So write that and when you are finished, click on the Submit button.

And you have now started a new thread on Reddit, you will see that some users will answer to your thread because you will get a notification on that matter. Everyone will be able to answer on your thread.

If you are shaving some kind of problems while trying to make a thread on Reddit

If you are, for some reason, unable to make a new thread on Reddit or to post anything, follow these tips below, they could help you solve the problem.

  • Maybe the Subreddit group that you are trying to post to has its own guidelines, and maybe you have crossed them while trying to start that new thread. Make sure that your new thread does not cross any Subreddit’s guidelines and rules, otherwise, the admin of that Subreddit is going to delete your thread and maybe even ban you.
  • Check your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. You will not be able to post anything on Reddit if you do not have internet access. So, make sure that your Wi-Fi and data is on. If you are having some kind of problems with your Wi-Fi, restart the router or call your Wi-Fi handler.
  • Try logging out of your account for a while, and then logging back in and trying again after a certain amount of time.
  • If you are using Reddit on your phone, restart your phone and try posting again later.

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