How To Remove The Google Search Bar From The Android Home Screen

Android is an amazing mobile operating system that most of the mobile manufactures love to use. If you notice you will understand that android has a motive to keep as many android users as possible using the Google services. You will always see the Google search bar on every android device home screen. Google really wants people to use it. Sometimes you may get bored seeing the same Google search bar on the home screen of your android device. Well ways are there to get rid of that. You can remove Google search bar from android home screen.

Google does not want the users to remove the Google Search because it wants you to use Google Search and Google Now. Google Now is a vital part of current android releases, so removing the Search bar from the home screen may affect that.

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Remove Google search bar from android home screen

Reasons to off the Google search bar from your android home screen

The Search bar takes a lot of place, you can add an attractive wallpaper or can display more app icons instead.


How to remove Google search bar from android home screen with the help of a custom launcher

Taking off the Google search bar from android home screen with the use of a custom launcher is the most simplest way out there. There are many handsome custom launchers available on the internet and Google Play store such as Apex launcher and Nova launcher. Use any of them and the android can be customized completely to work the way you want, it includes removing the Google Search bar from the home screen of your android phone also.

Third party custom launchers come very useful in such regards and there are many other custom launchers like Apex and Nova.


Steps to remove Google search bar from android home screen by disabling the Google search

If you follow this method to remove Google Search bar from android home screen then there will be some effect on using some other Google services for sure. By disabling the Google search integration you will not be able to use Google Search for many things, like Google Now. All your saved search data will be deleted, so in case you want to get back this service again it will take some time to reach the accuracy that you were used to before. If you still want to disable the Google search bar from your android device here are the steps for that:

> Go to the Settings in your android device

> Go to App Manager / Apps / Applications (The name depends on the device you use)

> Go to All

> Scroll to the option “Google Search” and then it needs to be tapped.

> Touch on Disable

> Tap OK when you will be asked if you are sure about this process.

There is report that a lot of users have been facing troubles with their android devices after following this method. So if you want to try this method, do it on your own risk.

How To Remove The Google Search Bar_disable

Steps to get back the Google Search bar after removing it

Many of you may think that activating Google search is a simple process just like the disabling by going to Apps, looking for Google Search and then enable it. But in real this is not the fact. Its little bit complicated because the app vanishes from the app listing the moment you disable it. To get the Google Search back, go to Google Play Store, find Google Search and then the Enable button needs to be hit.

The Google Search bar can also be removed by rooting the android device. You must be knowing about rooting, it’s a process to grant the complete control on your phone by yourself. A rooted android device is infinitely customizable and once the phone is rooted any custom ROM will allow you to uninstall the Google Search bar app.


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