How to remove Google search bar on Android

Google Search Bar at the home screen can be irritating and there are a lot of smartphone users who are not big fans of it. People put so much effort into choosing a perfect phone wallpaper and this persistent Google Search Bar just ruins the look of it. Some people prefer to have space empty while some might use that space for keeping favourite apps or widgets. So, how to remove the Google search bar?

You can do it by:

  • Using simple gestures.
  • Disabling Google Now.
  • Using a Custom Launcher. (Root required)
  • Using a Custom ROM. (Root required)
  • Using Xposed Framework. (Root required)

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How to remove Google search bar

By using simple gestures:

Most of the time, you get a pop up with an option that allows you to remove the Google Search Bar when you long press the search bar. On devices like Samsung, a pop up will appear after you tap and hold the search bar. You can choose to remove it. But not all devices will let you do it this way.

remove Google search bar

Disabling Google Now:

If you are using the Google Experience Launcher (GEL), you can disable Google Now by following some simple steps. It’s recommended for stock Android users (such as any Nexus device) not to use this method as it soft-bricks the device.

[Soft-brick is a state of the device where the phone is stuck with a boot loop or freezing at some point of the booting process. ]

Settings > Apps > All apps > Google Search/ Google/Google app > Disable.

Restart your device. You are free of search bar now.

Note: Disabling Google App will affect other Google features such as Google Chrome, Google Assistant and more.

Custom Launcher Method: (Root required)

The launcher is like an app, a part of the Android interface that allows the users to customise their home screen. It comes in different types. Some preferable launchers are listed below.

For Android 4.0+ you can use Google Now launcher, Nova launcher or Apex launcher. An ‘older’ Android device (Android 2.0 or higher) should not hold you back as GO Launcher Ex, ADW Launcher and Lightning Launcher are some excellent choices for your device. Use suitable launchers to avoid bugs as some launchers cannot keep up with the latest versions of the Android.

For instance, if you install Nova launcher, you can remove Google Search Bar by choosing Nova settings > Desktop > Persistent Search Bar > None.

In case of any other launcher, u can quickly figure it out in the settings tab.

Custom ROM method: (Root required)

If you want to delete the search bar, this option is the right choice. Just make sure your Android device is rooted. By using a Custom ROM, not only you can remove the Google Search Bar, but also have control on every part of your device.

By using Xposed Framework: (Root required)

This method can be used to utilise certain Custom ROM features without actually flashing one. Custom ROM can be buggy or overloaded. Sometimes you will not be able to find a suitable one for your device. Xposed can compensate for it. You can make the changes you want without heavily modifying it using Xposed.

Note that this method cannot be used for Android 5.0 Lollipop and to install Xposed, your device must be running Android 4.0.3 or newer.

Steps to install Xposed:

  1. Install the Xposed framework app and open it.
  2. Navigate to Framework
  3. Click Install/Update and grant Xposed framework root access.
  4. After the completion, restart your device.
  5. Your Xposed Framework would be successfully installed.

In case you already have Xposed Framework, download Xposed GEL settings app from the Play Store and find the option to disable the search bar.

You have no longer have to worry about the Google Search bar being in your way.