How To Remove Android Duplicate Contacts

Duplicate contacts on Android are a pretty annoying issue. The contact list gets all cluttered, and in order to make your phone perfectly organized again, you will have to get rid of the android duplicate contacts. Deleting all those contacts one by one is time consuming, so we are going to share a few methods you can use to finish the job in minutes.

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How to delete Android duplicate contacts

To delete duplicate contacts on your Android device, you can choose between three different methods. You can do it from contacts on your phone, you can use Gmail, or you can download one of the apps designed for deleting double contacts.

Remove Android duplicate contacts from the contacts app

This android merge contacts method is pretty simple one. What you need to do here is open the contacts app on your Android device, click on the menu button, and select “Merge Accounts” option. Then, click on “Merge From Google”. A new window will appear, and you will see a message: Your device contacts will be merged with contacts from your Google account.” Hit OK. This method will work if your device came with the merging feature, which probably is the case.

android duplicate contacts

Remove Android duplicate contacts from Gmail

You can remove duplicate contacts using your computer. First, log in to your Gmail account, and then click on Gmail, which is located in the top left corner. When the drop down menu opens, select Contacts.

android duplicate contacts

A new page will open. Select the option “Find duplicates”.

android duplicate contacts

All the duplicates will be shown. Click “Merge” in the top right corner.

Remove Android duplicate contacts using a third-party app

These days, you can find the app for every task, and deleting duplicate contacts is no expectation. There are some pretty great applications that will help you to organize your contact list, and make it neat, nice and duplicate-free.

One of such apps is Duplicate Contacts. When you launch the app, it will automatically select all duplicate contacts. Of course, you can uncheck the ones you don’t want to delete. When you are ready to clean up the clutter, just hit “Delete selected”, and then confirm delete by clicking Yes. Duplicate Contacts app is simple and easy to use, so just download it from the Play Store and the task will be done in minutes. Perfect!

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