How to play YouTube videos in the background

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In this era of the internet, YouTube is very popular and one of the most used platforms. It has various purposes – you can find a bunch of tutorials, entertainment videos, music, and more. But sometimes, all you want to do is listen to the audio, without the need to watch the video, so you simply want the app to play in the background. Normally, the videos cannot be played if the app is stopped or if the screen is turned off. But there are few ways to make the YouTube videos play in the background while you can do other activities.

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YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is the paid version that allows you to listen to your favorite music even after closing the app. It allows downloading videos. What’s more, it is ad-free. You can listen to anything you want without any kind of interruption even if the screen is off or when you are using a different app. The price of the paid version is $12 per month. There is an option for family subscription and the price of the family plan is you $18. It is applicable for up to six members, not more than that. This can be used on both – iOS and Android.

YouTube Music

You may go for YouTube music if you want to play your favorite songs in the background. As its name suggests, the platform is focused on music only. One of its main features is the ability to play the music in the background, meaning that you can do other things, or turn off the screen, but the sound will still be there. This is also a paid service, but you can get 1-month free trial, so make sure to try it out. If you like it, you may continue using the service, but you will have to pay for it monthly. There is also a family membership option.


This is useful for Android users, an open-source app. The app is stable and does the job properly. If you find it interesting, try out the app.

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Playing videos in some iOS browsers

You cannot play YouTube in Chrome and Safari while the app is turned off. For Apple device users, Opera Touch and Firebox can bypass the restriction with the help of Apple’s Control Center. Also, this works for Android and Windows phone. You need to play the YouTube video in a browser which supports the particular device and desktop mode should be turned on. Normally, Safari is used for iOS, Microsoft is for Windows phone and for Android app Firebox is the best. Now, you can listen to the audio in the background, even if the browser is closed or the screen is turned off. The method is very easy to use and compatible with almost every smart device.

Brave Browser

This method is applicable for both, Android and iOS. Brave browser is a private browser which is very secure. First, you need to choose “Settings” of the browser and you will find an option “Site Settings”. Tap on that and go to “Media”. You will find an option “Background video playback” in the media settings. Normally it is shown as disabled. Tap on the option. You will reach on the next page. Turn on the slider to enable the Background video playback. A message will pop up, requesting you to “Relaunch Now”. You can now play a video and exit the session. The video will play in the background.

Download Brave Browser for Android

Download Brave Browser for iOS

YouTube Vanced

If YouTube Premium is not available in your country, then you can go for YouTube Vanced. It is almost same as the YouTube app, but with some extra features. You will get the full benefit of Auto-Repeat and PiP support. Also, no ad will be there to interrupt. For more information visit YouTube Vanced.

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