How to Convert YouTube Videos to WAV

The giant social media platform called YouTube started out as a small online community for sharing videos, but today it is one of the largest platforms worldwide. It is a huge company under the shelter of Google and has emerged as a common site for videos no matter what the description is. Whether you are in corporate marketing, in the ad world, a musician looking forward to promoting your video, or a cookery show specialist, YouTube is the preferred platform for showcasing the videos. Today we may come across a whole new world of YouTube channels where people are making real money in different ways. As a matter of fact, some of the biggest sources comes from the music industry and the major recording companies are using this platform to promote their videos.

It is not challenging to download content from YouTube to use them in your own videos either with the permission of the copyright holder, by following the Fair Use Laws, or the Creative Commons content, but as it happens with the other media based content, you want the videos to be of the highest quality. For instance, you may be filming a sketch show and want to use a perfect clip in it from YouTube. Instead of using the AAC or MP3 file, it is better to use something that can hold the digital sound properly. When compared with the files we just mentioned, WAV is the best audio file format for the starters creating video content. Although it is an older format, it includes the desired standard. On the whole, it is one of those formats that is still recognized as the best without the space that the lossless files such as FLAC or AIFF require.

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How to access a WAV file?

When it comes to gaining access to a WAV file from YouTube, there are a couple of methods. One of them involves specific programs installed on the computer to handle the job and the other with the help of the online converter tool. The method you choose depends on the frequency of downloading audio and music tracks from YouTube. If you are a regular user of YouTube and download tracks to your PC regularly, you might want to look forward to a desktop application on your PC. Although this may be a reliable method among the other options of web-based downloads, the application is going to cost you money. On the other hand, if you download WAV files occasionally, you can save the time required to set up and use the online methods only.

Remember when downloading

The following things are to be remembered before you start downloading the WAV file.

  • When you are planning to download a WAV file, you got to have more interest in the quality of the product regardless of what your intention is when you get the downloaded track. The videos on YouTube along with the sound only videos have different bitrates depending on how the video was uploaded. Among the tracks you find on this platform, try to look for videos that have been uploaded at 480p resolution or higher that are known to contain higher bitrates and superior quality of audio.
  • Try to listen to the audio track to be used for your project. While playing the file on YouTube in the highest resolution, if the audio does not sound good, there are fewer chances of improvement when you download it finally. Ideally, you have to choose the option to download smartly and try to find the best quality of content. Once you download a WAV file, you can easily find the bitrate by right-clicking on the file and selecting Properties.

Why online methods?

If you are not planning to download the WAV files every day, using an online tool makes real good sense.  Not only is it faster, but you need not install any software or pay anyone. It is going to work on any operating system capable of opening a web browser whether it is Linux, Windows 10, or Mac OS. Even though there are a host of online downloading tools available, a majority of them are filled with ads or malware. However, there are some good websites as well for downloading the WAV files.

Do you need a converter that can convert YouTube videos to WAV? To convert the videos into the audio files, you can use a good online converting tool with a host of powerful features. Check the following method to complete the conversion process with the help of this online tool also called Any Video Converter.

Step 1: Adding the audio and video files

  • Click the Download tab in the main window and click on Add URL’s button.
  • Copy the URL of the video you want to download and paste it in the Box by pressing the hotkeys “Ctrl + V” and click the download button to download.
  • Select the download format from the popup window and click on download to confirm.
  • After downloading the files, you can trim any portion of the file in the Previewing and Trimming window according to your preferences.

Step 2: Choosing the output audio file and the custom settings

  • After adding audio or YouTube video to WAV converter, you must choose the format of the output.
  • All the settings of the chosen format can be customized such as the audio bitrate, the audio channel, and the audio sample rate.

Step 3: Start the conversion

  • When you are done with the selection of the output format, you can click on the Convert button to convert the selected or added filet to the format you have specified.
  • After the conversion is over, you can click to open the Open Folder button in the bottom of the program and open the output folder.

Make sure you are aware of the input and the output files that are supported by the online conversion tool before starting the procedure.

Online Video Converter

This is one of the sites that enable the users to convert media from YouTube into a file format of your choice including WAV and the method of downloading the music clips from this online tool is easy. Note the following steps.

  1. Once you choose the file format, you have to tap on the Download button for processing the file and starting the process of conversion.
  2. As the link becomes ready, you are going to be guided to another page wherein you will find a link to download the video.
  3. You have to click on the download link to begin the process of downloading the video.

youtube wav

YouTube to WAV

This is another site that comes without an English interface, but if you are using Chrome, you can hit on the Translate button and get the English interface. The process of conversion from YouTube videos to the WAV files is easier than the previous online tool. Note the steps to download here.

Step 1

You have to enter the URL on the bar of the WAV page and hit on “Download WAV” button for downloading the file to your computer easily.

Step 2

You can get the WAV file with the required high-quality bitrate to be used in the creative content that sounds good enough. Even though the size of the file may be large, it is going to weigh smaller than the lossless file.


SaveClipBro can process YouTube videos into multiple video and audio formats including WAV. The method of processing is quick and it is highly recommended.


Desktop method of downloading

On the whole, the desktop methods of downloading are not recommended as they pose software issues and are filled with malware. Although they are easy for offering the support needed when you download in several batches, they are usually considered unreliable. On the other hand, they are expensive as you need to pay for the subscription service and get the membership to access the system of paid download. The choice of the method that you intend to use for converting the content of YouTube is entirely yours, but you must go through the pros and cons of different options before choosing the best.

Due to the legal restrictions surrounding the YouTube videos, you must gain permission from the specific users owning the copyright of the clip. Apart from this, if it is not one of the Creative Commons clips, you will again violate the rules both in terms of services and the technology used that surround the copyright status of the clip. By now, you have probably understood that there are plenty of options to download the WAV files. However, you have to look for the right option and read the guidelines of YouTube regarding the download of the tracks to avoid the violation of rights. Using the online converter tools by far is the best option when you need WAV files of the content from the YouTube videos for a hassle-free and smooth experience.