How to manage suggestions on Google Photos on Android

Google Photos is a very useful app that comes with Android OS. So, if you just purchased a new Android device, once you power it on, you will see several pre-installed apps, Google Photos included. You can use this app to automatically back up & sync the images and videos, you can edit your photos, organize them, create albums, and do many other great things. The app comes with suggestions and you can choose what type of suggestions you want to see. Here, in this article, we are going to show you how to manage suggestions on Google Photos on Android.

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How to manage suggestions on Google Photos on Android

As we mentioned, the app allows you to do many awesome things. You can easily sort the images and videos, edit them, and send them to your friends and family. Among many options, the app includes, there is one that allows you to manage suggestions and decide what you want to get. Here is how to make changes in this department:

  • Open Google Photos on your Android device
  • Next, tap on your image located in the top-right corner of the app
  • Tap Photos settings
  • Now tap Suggestions
  • You will see several options there and those are Creations, Rediscover this day, Suggested rotations, and Suggested Archive.

You can decide what you want to turn off and what you want to leave as it is. The only thing you need to do is tap on the switch next to each option to enable or disable it. Of course, you can turn them all off if that suits you best.

Once you make adjustments according to your preferences, you will get only the suggestions you have selected.

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