How to make your own emoji on iPhone

If you are getting bored by using presented emojis from your iPhone then it’s time to turn your boredom into excitement. Now you can create your very own emoji and bring the new life into your daily chats. This interesting feature was first launched with iOS12 and further updated with iOS13. With this feature, you can personalize your emoji according to your mode and chat. You can control it in a manner like what facial expression it will carry. You can save created emojis as well. Apple named this emoji creating features as Memoji. From the content below, you’ll learn how to use this amazing feature on your iPhone device.

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How to make your emoji on iPhone

Creating Memoji

  1. Open the messaging app on your apple device
  2. Compose a new message or tap on an old conversation.
  3. Tap the three-headed Memoji icon, presented at the bottom of the message bar.
  4. After that, tap on the plus icon.
  5. Now the clean sheet appears in front of you. Start with the selection of the complexion. There are a variety of skin tones available in the feature and the other details like cheeks, beauty marks, etc. Below you can choose the skin shades. You can select one according to your own choice.
  6. Now move on to the next, by swiping to the left. There is a bunch of different hairstyles along with the hair colors. You are free to select the hairstyle and add color as per your mood.
  7. By the next swipe the device will display the array of brows; arch, short, long, and many more whatever you like to give to your Memoji. Tap on that.
  8. The next swipe will bring the section of the eyes. You can customize the range of different and unique eyes and select the one that you like. The option of eyeshades will also help out to give an attractive look to your customized eyes.
  9. By swiping further, you will be directed to choose the head/forehead as per your desire.
  10. The story is just not over there……. Many more options would bring the further uniqueness in your Memoji, so, lets mover further…
  11. Now after one more swipe, you will be able to select the age, size, and shape of the nose, piercing (if you would like to add to your Memoji), and mouth shape as well.
  12. By moving to the next option, you will be able to customize the ears of your Memoji. Under the section of ears, there are also a range of different type of earnings, AirPods and other hearing aids available. You may personalize whatever you like to see in your Memoji.
  13. Moreover, it’s not getting done yet, there are other features like facial hair, eyewear, and headwear too if you like to add those too.
  14. Once you have done with your customization of Memoji, go to the upper side and on the right corner, you will find “Done”, then tap it. Meanwhile, the created Memoji will be used in the messaging app and other compatible apps available on the iPhone.

Congratulations! You successfully created the first Memoji of your own. Then, you can send it to the loved ones and save it on the iPhone and use it later.

Editing Memoji                        

Once you have done with Memoji, here you can edit it as well. If after completed the Memoji you want to change anything from complexion to head cover, here is how to do it:

  1. Open Message app
  2. Touch/tap the New Message Icon.
  3. The different Memoji icons display at the bottom of your message bar.
  4. Select the three-dot icon, which will lead you to see a menu that will let you make the changes in your Memoji.
  5. Select the Memoji which you would like to edit.
  6. Now select edit and you can edit your selected Memoji.

Keep enjoying by creating Memojis and have fun with the chats.