How to make a private story on Instagram

A few years ago, Instagram inserted the Story option, following the trends on other social media apps. So, sharing stories became a prevalent feature provided by these apps. People often use it to share photos and videos here, to let their friends and followers see a specific moment captured on camera.

Sometimes, the users don’t want to share their story content with everyone, but only with the people they choose. So, how do I make a private story on Instagram? Keep reading to find out.

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Stories on Instagram

To create a story on Instagram, you need to open the app on your phone and find the Plus sign in the upper right corner of your screen. Click on it and you will have some options. Choose Story, and the camera opens.

You can take a photo by tapping the circle in the middle of the screen close to the lower edge. If you swipe to the right or left, you will see the circles, including some filters and effects that Instagram provides.

If you want to use the filter on your story, click the one you like and then take a photo or video. After doing so, you will see a preview of the content and a blue at the lower right corner of your screen, the Send button.

When you click on it, you will be led to a new page and asked where you want to share the content. The options will be listed, so you can choose if you want to share the content on your story or only with your closest friends, or you can select a person on the list of followers to share the content with.

Privacy of Instagram stories

Depending on how you set up the privacy of your account on Instagram, your followers can see the story you shared. If your account is private, you have to confirm the request from someone who wants to follow you, and if your account is public, anyone can access your profile and see your stories. But here is the catch.

Instagram allows you to share your story only with people you mark as your close friends. This way, you can make a private story. So, you can share the content you want on the story and choose who you want to see. The procedure is relatively easy, and we will explain it now.

Process of making a private story on Instagram

Before you create and share a story on Instagram:

  1. Check if your app is updated.
  2. If you are sure you have the latest app version, go to the home page on Instagram.
  3. Swipe to the left or click on the story row in the upper left corner of the screen.

Both actions will open the camera to make a video or take a photo you want to share in the story. You can also choose between filters or add some elements Instagram provides.

Once you have the content set and ready to share, press the Send button in the lower right corner of the screen. A new screen will open, and you will notice the options to share it on a story regularly or share it with close friends. You should choose the second option presented in green color and containing the star mark.

Click the green button, and your story will only be shared with people you marked as close friends before. To see the list of close friends, manage it, add or remove people from the list, go to your Instagram profile, and click on the menu in the upper right corner. Find the option Close Friends, click on it, and there you will find all settings related to the list of close friends.

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