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How to make a boomerang on Snapchat

As the popular social media apps are in a sort of competition, we can see from day to day that the owners are adding new options to keep their users interested in the app using more longer. Ever since the options for video looping showed up, they keep surprising us by inserting more features related to video editing.

One of the most popular features in video editing is Boomerang. And how to make a boomerang on Snapchat? We are about to explain how you can use it on Snapchat, so stay tuned.

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Is the Bounce option as same as the Boomerang?

On Snapchat, there is a Bounce option that allows you to make a well-known, video editing option called Boomerang. For those who are not familiar with the Boomerang, it is the option that allows you repeating the part of the video that you recorded. This option is about highlighting the specific moment at the video, making it start over and over again. Usually, it is about one second of the video.

As we know, Snapchat allows us to share the video no longer than 10 seconds. If it is longer, you should use some other options such as trimming, cropping, or resizing the video. All of these features are provided by Snapchat.

Boomerang option

So, the Boomerang option is a very popular feature and it is often used in some funny videos people share with their friends on Snapchat. The version of this feature on Snapchat is called the Bounce. The difference is only about the name of the feature because the Snapchat was not the first app that inserted this sort of video editing option.

With the Bounce, you can loop the video and play the part of it as many times as you want. This feature is very popular between teenage users and they use it often, for sharing the funniest moments of their videos all over again.

How to apply this effect?

It is very easy to make a boomerang on Snapchat. The first thing to do is to check if your Snapchat app is updated to its latest version. As using this effect is available only for the iPhone users, here is how you can check the updates for your iOS smartphone.

Visit the Apple Store, and head to the Updates heading. There, you can find all the updates for each app you have, including the Snapchat. Click on the option Update and give it a couple of moments to download and install the updates.

Now, open the Snapchat and go to the camera. You need to press the circle in the lower center of the screen, so the video starts recording. When you have done so, and have a video you wanted, the preview will be shown to you. Tap on the screen and you will notice the options on the right side.

What you are looking for is the Bounce, that is marked with the icon of infinity. In case you don’t know, it looks like the number 8, but laid on the side. Press on this icon. You will have a Bounce sliding line on your screen.

At this moment, you are about to determine the part of the video you want to apply the boomerang effect on. You can move the slider to the right or left, to determine specific points of beginning and ending your special moment on video. When you are all set and done with the editing, you can share your video. Click on the arrow in the lower right corner of your screen to have a video with a Bounce feature shared.

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