How To Join A Private Subreddit

By Technobezz Staff
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Do you love Reddit but think something is missing? You might want to join a private group that feels more personal than a public forum. Or perhaps you don't like the idea of strangers monitoring your every move online.

You're not alone if you've ever felt this way. Join a private Reddit community to feel safer while communicating with like-minded people. 

Wondering how to do that? Keep reading. We are going to show you the steps. 

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Things to know 

Before joining a private subreddit, it is essential to go through the rules and Reddit’s FAQ page. This will guide you so you don’t get bounced out a few days after approval. After all, staying should be as important as joining.

If the private subreddit you wish to join is on the list of r/top/ (the top list), then your Reddit Karma (the score you get for posting and commenting on Reddit) must be in the top 1%.

Steps to getting approved

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to, login, or Sign up to Reddit: Login with your username and password
  • Hover your cursor key to click the envelope icon on the top right side of the horizontal menu bar to open up the page
  • You will see and click the “send a private message” option on the blue menu bar
  • In the receiver’s box (: TO), type in the name of the subreddit (typed as /r/name) you are interested in. This will help send messages to all moderators of the named subreddit.
  • If you don’t know the name of the subreddits, you can find them by searching for on a search engine.
  • Once the page opens, you will see the /r/name of several communities listed
  • You can type in a keyword for any community of interest in the search box. For instance, if you are interested in “books,” type “in” to find several book-related subreddits or communities. You can copy and paste the /r/name into the receiver’s box.
  • You can also open a private subreddit in your browser to find the /r/name at the end of the URL.
  • Type in a precise subject in the subject box.
  • For the message box, compose a brief, convincing private message explaining why you wish to join the community.
  • After that, give well-known requirements that most private communities require and end it with a summary
  • Click the send button to forward your message.

Applying for a subreddit does not mean that you will be approved. But writing a good subject line and message will give you a better chance of acceptance. 

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