How To Hide Your Phone Number on android

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Android is the platform that lets its users to do anything they want. There is hardly any work which is not possible by android Smartphone. You must have received call sometimes from a number showing the number as private. This is a feature which is to be activated by following some simple steps. Definitely, there can be many reasons to block or hide the number from other people. Whatever is the reason, if the intention is good, you can always block your number in the android phone by going through some steps. The possible ways of activating this caller ID feature are explained below.

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Method 1:

We will discuss the best method to help you learnhow to block your number first, which does not require you to install or download anything. Most of the latest versions of android, for example android kitkat 4.4 and later versions include a call hiding feature to let you block your number. What you need to do is to activate the feature and restrict your recipient from knowing your personal number. Here is the way to activate this feature.

  • Move to the settings app from the home screen and tap on the ‘call’ option.
  • Press on the option ‘additional settings’ followed by ‘caller ID’.
  • As you press on caller ID, it will show you three options. Toggle on the button next to ‘Hide number’ to make the feature on. When you place a call, everyone will see your number as private.
Block your number


But the main disadvantage of this method is that once the feature is activated, every recipient will see the number as private for calls and texts.  There are people who prefer to ignore the calls from private numbers, so there might be a situation that you are making an important call to someone and he is ignoring it.

However, this feature can be deactivated if required by following the same method as explained above. Only, the last step is different where you need to toggle the switch next to the option ‘show my number’ and the call hiding feature will be deactivated.

Method 2:

If you are curious to know how do you block your number for a single recipient, follow the second method. This method is the easiest of all that requires the users to add a prefix to the recipient number and the recipient will not be able to see the number.

There is a code that needs to be added before the recipient number, which varies according to the country and the carrier. In most of the cases, the code is *67, #37# and *37#. You can try using them one by one to check which one is working for you. For example, if you want to make a call to the number 6662212345, the dialed number should be *676662212345. In case all the above numbers do not work for you, try to get the code by calling your carrier. Also, first try making a call to your alternate number from the android phone to check if it is working as you will not get any confirmation if the caller ID has been blocked or not.

Block your number


So, if you want to know how to hide your phone number for a single recipient, follow this method and block your number from showing it to the particular person you want.

Method 3:

The third method on how to hide your phone number requires the users to contact with their carrier. If the call hiding feature is activated through the carrier, it becomes a permanent thing and all the recipients will see your number as private.  In order to display the caller ID, a code *82 or *31# should be added before the number whom you want to show your actual number.

But again, there are some other points to be considered before you opt for this method to hide your caller ID. First, this feature is available only for the post-paid connection, not for the pre-paid plans.  Secondly, the service requires you to spend some money as the carrier will charge according to their policy. Also, you need to convince the carrier with some valid reasons to get this feature activated.

So, it is better to follow the first or second method if you want to get the feature in a simplest way.

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