How to get Karma on Reddit

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Reddit is a popular social news app that enables users to post texts, images, links, or even seek opinions through polls. Users create subreddits that are topic-centered and provide space for the discussion and voting of this or that issue. Reddit can be likened to websites such as Tumblr, Slashdot, and Imzy. This article is going to explore one of Reddit’s aspects which is known as karma. It will then show you how to get Karma on Reddit.

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What goes around, comes around

In Reddit’s sense, Karma is not the spiritual idea of cause and effect. Simply, karmas are votes. When you upvote a post, it gets karma. The more the karmas a post has, the more popular it gets and the more chances it has on appearing on Reddit’s front page. The vice versa is true; downvotes count as negative karmas and they make a post less popularly. You get karmas for posting content (post karmas) or commenting on already posted content (comment karmas).

Why get karmas?

Getting a high number of karmas usually goes hand in hand with getting awarded. The rewards are either Reddit silver, gold, or platinum accounts. These can be given by anyone. So, someone who sees your post as very funny or greatly informative may award you. Surely, you wouldn’t mind having Reddit Gold membership for a week, wouldn’t you?

What about pride? If your post gets lots of karmas then get ready to chest thump yourself for a moment – ‘It is I, the Boss of Karmas!’

Going for the Karmas

Here are some of the ways you can use to get karmas on Reddit:

  1. Being original
  2. Being quick and fast in sharing an update
  3. Using scheduled posting
  4. Attending to new posts
  5. Using catchy titles
  6. Being original

This wins karmas almost every time. If you want Reddit attention, you have to come up with something that has not been seen or read before. It doesn’t have to be true (this is probably bad advice) – it just has to get people engaged. Always go for the funny and informative. Humour is by far the best thing to get people’s attention.

Being quick and fast in sharing an update

This comes to play with news updates. When it is reported that a famous person has been eaten by an elephant, you should be quick to share that on Reddit. That post you shared about a popular update will be given attention and if it is true, Redditors will upvote it because of your lightning speed.

Use scheduled posting

Timing is key – and that is what scheduling posts is all about. Research on the times that most users on Reddit are active and share your joke, image, news article or poll then. During that time, you have greater chances of getting attention.

Since Reddit does not have scheduled posting capabilities, you need to use schedulers such as Cronnit, Later for Reddit or Traject Social. These are available online.

Attend to new posts

When posts are published on Reddit, you may consider giving them your attention. This could either be by sharing them or by commenting on them. Try to be as relevant and as intelligent as you can with your reply or repost.

Use catchy titles

Titles are what other Reddit users see first on your post so try and make them witty, attractive, and brief enough to earn you an upvote.


Be patient about getting karmas on Reddit. They may not come easy but they surely will.

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